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And so i think there's so many different utility shows that could be made a as you mentioned laura channels gonna aids a great example. It's gonna come roaring back and it's something that You know airlines especially should be thinking about their spaces in places in audio filling kind of that travel. Experience is so exciting Though not just when you get somewhere. But i love the idea. Steve of like as you go just even thinking about a podcasting channel specifically for in-flight entertainment There's a whole world of imagination. There steve can we go into the steam. Wilson like vault for a second. I feel like you are sitting on a decade worth of insight and knowledge. People probably asking. How do i get on the top ten or you know. What does it take to be in the what's new and next over the years. What have been the steve wilson. Faq's for succeeding in podcasting. I think first and foremost in creating a great podcast. You do have to think about your audience you know. This is a come across as so basic but oftentimes times when people great stories. They they need to think about what's in it for that listener at the end of the journey you know what do you want to get out of it. And they need to be sure to present that in their actual messaging around the show so many people just say hey new episode now available in a post on social media around their their shows but they don't tell the full story of what their podcast is about what you want a user to get out of it in terms of really reaching an audience and working with platforms. I think ito reach out the platforms. You gotta keep my pitch and that's also involves you know the platforms. What you're doing how you're building an audience are you're leveraging their platform and what what your vision is overall. Because i think when you pitch your story in that compelling way the platforms of course want to work with the brightest. Most innovative creators. So they're going to be compelled to want to feature your show and help it grow on their platform really the mutual goal of any form in publishers to help that constant succeed on their platform. So i think really crafting your message. as as a pitch at how platforms platforms can get on board to support. What you're already doing it how you're already in motion is a really great way to think about positioning yourself. So typically for those platforms. Are there things that you would say like must dues to develop audience in podcasting will really really quick to go back to that audience. Need i just think really considering what that is and how especially brands can interact with that There's so many opportunities you know. I don't. I don't know if you have anybody who listen to your show from places like sherman williams are bare but i really wanted to hear that podcast. That always that talks about psychology. We all love thinking about color and we know that really basic level of of of college psychology but even this is audio medium. I think you can tell really fun and interesting stories around color and that might be something that would be perfect for an expert like one of those companies. I mentioned to get involved in so think. About what an audience might be interested in how that might fit into their life. You know where the process of painting kitchen and you know. There's some insights gleaned from articles out there and websites. But i i would love to listen to that podcast but also have some opportunity to go for a walk here and wanna learn a little bit more. So yeah i think thinking deeply about what audience might want or even kind of a pop psychology Kind of level consumers are interested in Been a long time before. Working on the podcasts. Humid apple in apple's education division. And help build it g which was educational guessing platform. Add people all the time. We're looking for the science of superheroes and these intersections between learning and life and a really compelling way that i think that's one opportunity that brands really have is to to educate people and leverage the audio medium to fit better into their lives but people might be on the go yes Hundred percent i agree. I think you basically content breaks down into two major buckets education and entertainment and when you combine the two six citing a huge opportunity for brands. Real quick steve social audio. What's your take well. I think that there's a lot of different approaches. Going right now is really great. I i've been really enjoying clubhouse and it's been exciting to see and chat with guys there you know. I think part of what's happening right now reminds me a little bit of of the live streaming apps from a few years ago periscope been mere cat and those sorts of things but A little bit little bit easier to fit into people's lives. You don't have to get on camera and make sure you you look great at. It's much more open. Everyone participating and actually empowers what people are saying their words and their speech rather than what they look like in and where they are and the things in the background there. I'm really excited about the Bill to connect over social audio apps in that way. There's a whole other bucket of experimentation happening around. You know taking longer form audio and making it more digestible in social context and in that space. There's a lot of different ways. You know audio confed in whether that's a more native experience still on demand on the social platforms but really wedding itself to that greater. Discover ability in ways which you know when we want to learn about a new. Hbo or netflix series. There's oftentimes great short video that helps market that program. Those are the kinds of things were investing in chico to help people get into our serious with the standing there longer along longer more scripted. Immersive experience that we want them to participate in. What are you listening to right now. Steve man reidy of things. So i'm listening to all fantasy. Everything which is a show created by ian carmel. He's a for james corden but it's a few. Comedians who fantasy draft doing air quotes for your listeners. Favorite topics whether that's best food or vacation activities. They sort of go in and around and talk about their favorite ticks within this topics. It's a really fun lesson. Also really enjoying life of leon from lauren. Shippen in her team over there. it's a great scripted fiction. Show would want to shop them out as well all right. We'll have to download those and check them out before we get into our final game. What is your critique of atlantia. What can we be doing better. What about our new show our. Everyone's seen it. You guys know. I house you know. Let me take a look at it here. You brought up. I mean look. I i love it. I love the style tight treatment that you have here that feels like on a greeting card. and a place where we all exist. You're talking about brands and advertising I i don't really have a lot of criticisms here to the out of ten out of ten. I would say nine point. Two five is is room for improvement. I love your description. And i love your episode. Titles as well here guys who gets nailing the very cruel steve. Bye bye bye. What would you say goodbye to. What would you purchase. Now what would you do.

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