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Right that's a good point two it feels like they almost at times you know very their tempo too you know which puts defense is in a bind i guess or the matchups i'll be looking at greg and it's always a match up when you're talking about the patriots and anybody and we know that but they're running backs against the eagles linebackers in coverage really seem like a mismatch greg i know that the that the patriots running backs like dion lewis and james wight are probably a mismatch for most linebackers but that feels like a specially the case with the eagles in my right there my missing something no i mean i think that's fair you know and i think the the eagles are predominant seeing all high safety defense so they play cover one which is of course demand version of it and cover three which is owned version of it and i we won't know what they're they're breakdown is of of how much cover one and how much cover three until we play the game but uh they'll be aware that i think that you know uh normally you know it depends see now you're talking about beef personnel and you're talking about three wide receivers in which case it eagles would be in their nickel or their dime see i think the eagles will end up playing a lotta dying in longer yard situations verses uh uh three wide receivers because they are going to feel so much better about their match because corey graham who's a safety with corner experience becomes their sixth the defensive back and he has he's very versatile just like malcolm jenkins is and he can play man against tight ends or backs and obviously can plays own so i think that that's what they'll end up doing this sort of evolved into that as the year has progressed playing a lot more dime with sixty fence of back the nickel which they played mostly in the mould i'd say through the first half of the season.

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