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Hey, Have you ever been told that you've had a disc Bulger disc Ernie ation, Or maybe you've had a slipped disk in your in your neck or your lower back. How do you heal naturally from a damaged disc now, Maybe your disk problem happened a long time ago. And you say Listen, Doc, I don't have any symptoms now. That does not mean that that disk that joint is healing properly and what I'm finding is more and more people who have had disk bulges or disk Ernie ations in the past. Their spine is degenerating. They don't usually feel this until it gets to the end stages of degeneration in arthritis and boom. Now they start to feel it. Now they're discs are complete degenerating. The joints are inflamed and degenerating. In a lot of times. These people are either in a lot of pain or their own medications to cover up the symptoms of the problem, and now they want help. And so what can you D'oh? To heal. Naturally, if you've had a bad disc in your neck or in your back, What's the best way to heal your disks? You know whether someone has a disc bulge or herniation? They tend to freak help because the level of pain or sometimes a sense of hopelessness that they have, and that's usually a first when you have it in the first thing that comes to people's mind is drugs injections. Physical therapy, which You know, ultimately is a slippery slope to surgery. And sometimes people need those things at first, that the only way they can get through it, But it's really not a long term solutions. You know injections. They numb the area and they don't get to the true cause and in the physical therapy and my focus on strengthening core, which is just it's a great components, but it is just a component and, of course, No, the surgery they go in, and sometimes they clean out the disk or remove the disco refused the joints together and again, none of which address the real cause of the problem. So all three of these sites all three of these things might buy you a little bit more time. But you have to understand that the disc after puberty loses most of its vascular supply. And it begins to rely on movement of the spine to heal in repair. So think of a sponge that soaks up water and releases water. That's how a disc functions and needs constant replenishment of the required nutrition. Now that that's part of the reason why you have curves in her spine. You naturally have a curve in the neck a curve in the mid back in a curve in the lower back Now, these curves are actually protective of your discs and protective of the spinal cord itself. What happens, though, because of slips and falls and injuries and accidents and poor posture and sitting sitting is to the spine like sugar is to your teeth. What ends up happening is that we lose these curves. More pressure gets put on the disks. More pressure gets put on the Joints abnormally. That is a perfect scenario for a bulging disk. I just had a person come into the office who had a bulging disc 10 years ago. He had the pain medications and injections. He had the whole deal. 10 years later, he feels okay. He's on a ladder. He jumps off of the latter. Three rungs up. He lands on his heels in boom. All of a sudden his back goes out or so he thinks. Comes into my office. We did a scan, so the scan is technology developed by NASA engineers. It's really amazing technology. It can detect not only the muscle spasm and nerves being irritated, but at every single level of the spine. It's looking for damage is being done. Deep through the musculature, So it's very interesting that Khun Detectives function before it turns into Problems and major issues down the road, and his scan lit up like a Christmas tree. All throughout the spine, not just in his lower back. So we take at Trey's. Anytime we see a skin like that we do that. And so we take X rays. We can see exactly the bones or position and where the nerves are being damaged and In his lower back where he had that disk that was bulging 10 years ago. That joint is completely degenerated the joint above and the joint about joint below completely degenerated and the reason why that happened is because Back 10 years ago when he had his problem. He had pain in Jackson's muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories and The problem felt better. But the reality is is that the nerves were dead and he didn't feel the problem. So he did life for the last 10 years on what was a bad back. The problem now is when he was on that ladder. He jumped off. He landed on his heels. L five the last vertebra in your back. It moved Is shifted, and now he's an excruciating pain. He's got none this its going into his his, but he first went into his medical doctor. They took X rays. They said. Hey, listen. Yes, you have arthritis and degeneration. But other than that, it's fine. They said. Just go home. They gave him a prescription medication and he's been laying on the couch. And when he came into the office, I said, Listen. You remember where You had your disk injury 10 years ago, he said. Yep. I remember exactly where it was. I said, well, the segments above and below her now degenerating with that. And what no one ever told him was that when you don't deal with a disc injury properly, the segments above and below are then going to become affected. When he jumped off his ladder. He jumped off the latter. His heels l five, the one right below the area that he had his problem. It shifted. It caused everything toe wake up, and now he's an excruciating pain. He is a $1200 bill from the emergency room, and all they did was gave him some medications. Told to go home. He's laying on the couch. That'll listen. Let's get pressure off there. Let's get things moving The right direction. Remember, motion is lotion. So if the spine is not moving correctly because of the alignment, then what you're gonna have is a spine that degenerates a lot. Quicker. And so I showed him exactly how to correct the problem, and I showed him very specific exercises to do to support everything he was doing in my office and Sure enough. Now he's got no more back pain. He's back on his feet again. He's not taking any medications, but the number one thing that was a concern for him is he does manual labor for a living, So he's up and down on enough roofs, and he's out there watching his team and when he Injured himself, and he got put out like that. He couldn't work And so now his income is fact is affected. He owns his own small business. He has a small team, and when you're not working, you're not making money, And he was concerned because he thought he was not going to be able to provide for his family. Now he's backto work. He's Going up and down on ladders, even though I told him not to. But the point is is he's doing life and he's doing life without having to think about his body. And I would say without having to worry about his body, But there's a lot of people who are worried about the body. You might be one of them. You're concerned. You've got this. Joint us your health issue or a lower back.

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