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So Sarah Josefa. Josefa Hail I like Joseph I hadn't considered Josefa that's. A good one, too. That sounds really biblical like she's. Does she suddenly just grew a beard without a moustache? Yes like come to me, Jeff, and let me put oils on your feet. Right! Exactly what I was thinking. Where remember congressman was literally anointed. Someone's. Ashcroft I think. Wasn't it? Flesh it. Yeah what a bizarre time I think it was! It was Ashcroft. You're totally right I! He also sang some Weird Patriotic Song about the Eagle flying high around the same time he got some bad press. Everybody was while you're conquers buddy. Oh, man, I miss that guy. He was fun for the News Cycle. He really was. all right so Sarah Josefa. Moved to Boston in Eighteen, twenty eight, she was a poet and a writer. And she was actually the editor of the very first women's magazine in the US called. Gaudi's ladies book. And it was here in Boston, that she met a man named Lowell Mason, who was a musician and composer? Who Said you know what? If, we get some of these poems and set them to music. They would be called songs, and we can use these in schools to make a little kids. Good moral kids when I think of lull this. kind of folk musician children's music study proponent guy. Have you ever seen that Mister, show where David Cross is like the guy who sculpted the little, the little body that he moves from Appalachian Folk Art. That guy that's who I think of when I think this guy, you know Kinda, weird and hapless in out of it and all like his whole focus is learning to to to get music into schools for children and. I. Don't know why, but it's really stuck in there. You know or buddy. Scott Ackerman wrote for Mister show. And it was kind of his entree into the entertainment industry and he does eight. Yeah, he does a spot on impression of Bob Odenkirk. Oh Yeah Oh it's great. That it's very funny. All right, so mason inhale are writing. Songs together. They fifteen poems to music called poems for our children..

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