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Julio jones sixty eight hundred pair with calvin ridley my wide receiver to okay so yeah. I'm also i'm also. Julio the double stack again. I just don't know anyone on that cardinals. Defense that can cover. Aj brown or julio jones. I am salivating at this lineup. Kramer i have a feeling the titans are gonna make their way into our card. Why not just load up a little. Bit more with this Milly maker sek and now certainly the gets messed up is if it turns into an ugly game or of derrick henry has derrick henry like game and and just steals all the touchdowns and eats up all the yards. But i'm leaning into this titans Passing attack give me Julio jones a pair with aj brand both both all three my receivers have the red juice. I'm gonna be I'm going to be keeping an eye on that injury report and we will be you down with the live Pre-game show answering all your questions. So i'm sure some late injuries shit will go down so stay tuned for that. Who's your What are you got adam. Who's your final receiver third receiver. I'm going to houston. And i'm taking brandin cooks He's a man who's always produced. He does it year after year with every conceivable kind of quarterback you could want did it with jared goff. He was a fantasy relevant option. He's been fantasy relevant every stop. He's a great price at fifty three hundred. Because as you're filling out your roster takes top end down fifty three hundred. Would you rather have brandin cooks. Who's his team's undisputed number. One option arrests gauge. Who's his team's fourth-best pass catcher odell beckham junior. Who's probably not the best receiver on his team. Portland in playing In a crowded receiver room brandin cooks as the undisputed number one in houston. Well worth the price to get a wide receiver. One at fifty three hundred. He's part of my tyrod double style. I like that play out. I really do know brandin cooks. We're the only people talking Texans dfs and fantasy options in the world. All right show every week. One against the jags. Now well we might be an adjacent to us My dad we got a big auction draft guys back in upstate new york and he said i don't care what else happens in this draft but we are getting tyrod taylor on our t. Oh i love that. Kind of data -cation alumni da. Is he a lot. he's not but he is the biggest tyrod taylor fan and another day. We ever talked about sammy. Watkins i'll tell you my dad's great. Start sammy watkins. Quintessential dad moment winners win win. Three who who is the wide receiver one for the eagles. That'd be a good question. I mean i think target share wise. It's going to be defined as smith I think you could make a case that jalen rigor outperforms him in. Maybe a couple of games but target was it's definitely going to be devoted. Smith i gotta bring it back with someone. I thought about bringing it back with dallas. Got her. I don't know if i want to have to two tight ends on the squad so i'm gonna go with the rookie. He has experience playing in this building on the turf. Devante smith forty five hundred of creates some separation kramer by model Sees lots of value here with the projected nine point seven targets. You could do worse And i liked the devante. Smith play i. I would also throw out quiz watkins if you're playing in. Gp he's only three thousand dollars. We saw the boom of potentially quiz watkins has Hurts has gone out of his way to say. He likes thrown into the guy quiz. Watkins i think on rookies together right Yeah quiz walk ins. I'm i'm pennsylvanian for six targets. They're going to get him at least one or two. These guy devante smith that they're going to set up for run after the catch so he's going to get some guaranteed looks at least one deep shot quiz watkins. If that hits that's how you that's that's the kind of place you get a million dollars so and also you could. You could talk me into quiz. Watkins being the number one target in philly For this game so if you got hurt sixty four hundred and quiz watkins at three thousand. That's decent stack in a dome environment. And only ninety four hundred leaves you tons of tons of salary to do a bunch chalk gear to get Some of the bigger names. In and who knows i think hurts actually could be fairly jockey From the early ownership stuff and just remember. Watkins really didn't have a full rookie season. So he's kind of in his rookie year right now. This could be a big breakout for him because he did in that infamous week seventeen game. He didn't play fifty four percent of the snaps so there is plenty of. Nfl level film about quiz watkins for for a man who spent the first half of the season enact as yeah he It seems like the starting through receivers are going to be divine dismiss says on the outside and then reagan the slot. Although we'll see they haven't really announced it. But i think quiz watkins at three thousand is is a guy you want to get involved in. If you're playing gp i. I won't show it up about this guy. He's going up against the bills. But give me pat fryer move only twenty five hundred dollars. I i just like the kid. Give me pat fryer muth. What more do i need to say. Now much child's the bills struggled to contain tight ends time. That's a real nice back. That's a spot where you can find style you and i apologize for made fun of me for saney. Went to notre dame i was. I was delirious. You know when you're when you're driving the content train our after hours subjects you make mistakes. Pat firm though bio counts great camp. I know i'm just kind of writing off eric. Ibran but as adam pointed out the pittsburgh tight ends are buffalo struggles with tight ends not amazing against the coverage a tight ends and i think they're going to have their hands full with the receiver so pat prior moves snags touchdown. I mean that's really all you need a twenty five hundred. Let's get valuable. Fryer snags touchdown. I think i read that i. It was one of those cheap cardboard books from the food. You know you can be forgiven for thinking. Penn state is notre dame you know. They're both midwestern schools well past their prime long shot scandal jason. And really get all this undeserved credit and don't back it up with anything ever just. They're all talk. No gamera hot shit. Meanwhile my hokies beaten top ten teams. Baby let's tie downs notre dame one. They didn't cover. Oh adam listen. Syracuse took it to that crappy midwest ohio so but we're going here. It's been teased since we started this. Podcast it's donald barham at the tight end. Slat thirty one hundred. The fact that everyone still thinks jared cook the tight end to roster the tight end. That's going to step into hunter. Henry's hundred targets per year is insane. Jared cook is looked washed. Donald parham six eight dominant down the same. He's a guy who's going to go up and get the ball. What are you gonna do with them. You're gonna put a linebacker on him who can't run with him but it might have the size to scratch his chin. Maybe can't get up to the ball. You're gonna put a safety on him. Who can run with him. But god's safeties are five ten on a good day. Power doesn't even have to jump to get that ballpark. To go for a touchdown here in week. One as the as the chargers carve-up up washington. He should be.

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