Hurricane Harvey, Senate, Hurricane Katrina discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-08-2017 9AM ET


Now's appear set to endorse a more than fifteen billion dollar disaster aid package to fund rebuilding efforts in the wake of hurricane harvey and fears windsor johnston reports of vote is expected today the senate overwhelmingly approved the disaster aid yesterday as part of a stopgap measure package that president trump negotiated with democrats to fund the government and to raise the nation's debt limit the funding comes as hurricane erma makes its way toward the us and just days before the federal emergency management agency was set to run out of money this is only the first instalment on a recovery and rebuilding package for twin hurricanes that could eclipse the more than one hundred ten billion dollar cost to taxpayers of hurricane katrina in two thousand five a house vote would send the massive relief package to president trump for his signature windsor johnston npr news washington less than a half hour to the opening bell on wall street us futures contracts were trading lower dow futures contract down about a quarter of a percent this is npr news the un says almost thirty people in northeast nigeria have died of cholera it's riding through camps for people displaced by boko haram violence and fears off abo quizzed artem reports there is growing concern for almost a million and a half displaced people living in what the un is calling cholera hotspots the un children's agency says more than five hundred suspected cholera cases have been registered in camps in northeast nigeria three times the number reported less than a week ago the cholera outbreak coincides with continuing extremist violence in the region and minitry efforts to try to end the ato bull had i'm insurgency which has displaced more than a million and a half people unisex warns that molten three and a half million have little access to basic water services and that heavy rains have brought cholera and other diseases two children already battling malnutrition.

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