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I'm saying. Science is is not always truth. In fact it's kind of never truth but we've been through this with global warming and the green new deal and climate change is just coming back and please ignore the math that we showed you. That was all wrong. Trust in science people Americans deserve the truth. The truth must be based on science. We have the world's greatest scientist let us lead led US speak without fear of retribution. There you go. John let us lead led US lead they want to give the power to the scientists to let them lead you. Listen each of us can and must do our part now on Tuesday Dr Voucher delivered a message in clear untrustworthy. As encouraged us to act with caution as we return to our daily lives. We should listen to him and other scientists sharing their expertise. Yeah it's so bad that to push the science and believe the signs truth is in science. Cnn did a special Sanjay. Gupta Anderson Cooper bringing onto that. I have to play a couple of things. 'cause 'cause bright testimony was a fiasco and it was a disaster and I WANNA play. Two things at pray. Looted this little dispel which everybody clipped about all. We're GONNA have this winter and all the rest of less us now. This thing actually began. This is bright testimony confusion. Okay here we go five minutes for an opening statement. Well you don't think resolved. Well are we going to ask if he wants to be represented by counsel and then who the Council is Dr Brian? Do you wish to be represented by counsel. Yes okay and then could she identify herself for the for the Record with council. Please state your name. My name is Deborah Katz. I'm an attorney representing Dr Rick. Bright with the law firm of cats marshawn banks. All right thank you. I think that's all we needed to do. Parliament is recognized for is. You've got a parliamentary question. I'm glad you got this John. This is very good. Suppressing so gentleman status parliamentary. It will the witness growth. Because if you have a witness whistle blower testimony under Owen eye witness would normally be under oath and if not today he's under oath not under oath then if we get into whistleblower allegations. How can we be assured that the witness is telling the truth under under oath if they're not under oath and if they're not under oath that how can you talk about the whistle blower complaints at thanks in a fair and equitable manner? I thank the gentleman I inquiry. All witnesses know that it is illegal to lie to Congress and in our sub committee unlike they are the only subcommittees at a practice of. It's a tradition. But we don't swear people in but witnesses know that it is illegal to light Crown Congress. One thousand three or something. Thank you now a couple things. One this is an issue that's heading this subcommittee and she doesn't know what she's doing. And and so the the Republican guy has to tell her how to do things properly and they have to walk through a bunch of things but is lying to Congress thing. I didn't realize and apparently wrist some US code. So what about James Clapper Talk? That doesn't count. The the thing is that we're living in a world of calling out hypocrisy and that's all anyone does all the time and and it's it's it has no it's no benefit doesn't go anywhere has got anywhere so far. Let's get the part to this is another now. The Had Republican I whose name I run on back of an envelope. I got it back. There from Oregon is a congressman. He's very good by the way this guy and I'll get his go get their envelope. Now this is the beginning of the kind of the true confusion and then dismissed the whole thing of a joke and a fiasco in fact and they brought up his lawyer. He wants to be represented by counsel. He says yeah. I want to be represented by counsel. She says absolutely nothing the whole time. He never once asked her a question so that she's just up. There's a joke and so this part of it makes it even more of a Representative Walden Waldo. Walden Greg Walden from right good quite good. We have asked for in. This committee should hold hearings to find a path toward reform the strategic national stockpile to increase domestic manufacturing of critical supplies and disentangle our supply chains from China. We should be exploring strategies for increased testing so we can begin to safely reopen our economy. We need to find ways to improve access to mental health and provide relief both for our healthcare providers on the front lines treating Kobe. One thousand nine cases and our health care workers who have been furlough because their hospitals are closed. We should be conducting rigorous oversight of the trillions of dollars myriad new policies Congress's appropriated enacted in the last three months and we should be investigating really investigating allegations like Dr Bright's that raise concern. That are about our nation's corona virus response that does not appear to be wire actually here today and frankly. It saddens me doc bright. Your allegations are serious. They deserve a real investigation. I know the office of Special Counsel with whom you file your complaint. We'll do just that and I know they take their work seriously. And we'll hear you out and importantly we'll give those named in your complaint. An opportunity to have their side heard as well. I must tell you that many of us on our committee were confused when we learned from a tweet. This hearing was scheduled in the wake of your complaint as you know. That's certainly not how we do things at the energy and Commerce Committee not long after the notice of this being a whistle blower hearing. We were advised. You're here is a government witness not a whistle blower but then we were told you are not representing the government but yourself airing titles suggest the hearings about protecting scientific integrity yet. The chair invited witness. Who Will Not be speaking to that issue. So it's all pretty confusing and unusual to say the least here. We are in the middle of a pandemic and we aren't given time to secure our witnesses conduct. Appropriate research require documents that could aid in our understanding of the situation. You face in the country face so the whole thing is a Sham. Of course it is set up so BRYK and go up there safe and lie and do whatever he wants. He didn't have to do whatever he want. But the joke is he didn't do a very good job of any of it except that one one good play which is pretty much what everyone play So that was. I consider the whole thing in epic fail. I was honest about. Yeah but going back to what the push now and that's really wind. WanNa prove with that clip. The push is for truth. Science is truth. That's the push and that's and let the scientists Lee. We kind of heard that. But now he's this this guy he's the Pied Piper and he's supposed to say the things everyone's going to repeat and you'll hear well as Dr Bright said you're GONNA hear that. I don't think so so we had the big Ronan special on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta and there. She is the expert when it comes to science. All things science the Ever so idealistic Greta to senior talk about online too is just how important it is to listen to experts and listen to science and this is a time when I was not very good. Science Student But this is a time. It seems that you will. Scientific community is so critically important. And we're really seeing just how important it is to follow science. Yes yes exactly and I hope that she is she a PhD. Oh yes listen to her message. She'll do fifty seconds of the same thing we can see now the the scientific community stepping up and they are speaking out more than they have that on. Before I gotTa tell you for a sixteen year old Swedish girl. The term stepping up like the scientists are stepping. Up is an odd thing for her to be using. Just in my opinion. I don't know. Is that how kids talk about that? Or the sweets. That's all they talked stepping. Yes exactly and I hope that we can see now. The scientific community are stepping up and they are speaking out more than they have that because obviously this is a crisis that required the scientific community to speak out. And don't and I hope that people really it's it feels like Scientists getting science is is changing. Now it's becoming more people starting to realize that we are actually depending on signs that we need to listen to scientists and experts in I. I really hope that we that that stays in that. That also is is for for other crises such as the climate crisis in the environmental crisis that we understand that you have to listen to to scientists that the climate folk are freaked out about this whole situation because they've been talking about being put on the backburner they've been taken off the stove. Yeah they're back in the pantry where they belong and I think so. That's why it's important to have Greta back on the scene so you can maintain her profile. People forget pretty quickly. But I'll tell you. Okay we have Anderson Cooper like you said the big three there was Anderson Cooper. Who says he was not a lousy student and he flunked science. So he's an idiot and so then you get Greta Tulun Berry. Who was who was a kid. She's just a kid. Let's face reality and then you have to the MD. Dr Yeah but duty. Houser was only to handle doogie. Howser was only this kid as well. You know it's like these kids can be very smart. That can be geniuses. Remember who you're talking to your average CNN viewer in viewers Which is a small group of people? Let's face it you under a million generally speaking is we probably have a bigger audience. Probably is the dumbest audience watches television and keeping up. You have to. You have to imagine you think you're keeping up because it's all about news news. News News opinion in the Central Intelligence Broadcast System. I think really Did a good job in pitting the two main people that it's all about who's going to lead us. That's that's what it's coming down to this week. I haven't seen the Sunday shows but I'm sure it's part of it WHO's going to lead. Us trump the president or the God president.

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