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Should not try and emulate whiteley. It's unbelievably hard. Do not try this at home. I guess gregg berhalter. I'm speaking to. And that may remember italy with the best team. In this tournament they played with one had the road narrative of redemption. They deserve this in every single winner. Then if you want to add something before we eulogize england and then and then take questions from. Gop's no. I totally agree with you. they are. They are an outline their a team without a major strike. I don't think they were very impressive. Going forward today apart from keizer. It looks dangerous. Every i think he looks like the best player in the entire tournament. Rudge but they don't look they. Don't look dangerous going forward. That don't look like they've got a lot of goals in them that don't blow you away but they're just all every one of them is just a great football. It's an amazing sense of back partnership as spina so strong that so strong up. The middle echo. Baradei had a fantastic gains as well next. Joe gino I don't think they've sputtering upfront. You know they. They got the goal of setpiece would corner scraps as we said But they find a way having mazing team unity amazing belief and that will take you a long way in international football in england. I really feel for this team before the game to do a sound. Check for cnn in london and it was an irish guy who is checking me in and said good luck in the football as i may from liverpool insight. It's actually. I'm hoping for england because you must had a dog toy. Maybe the post couple years but and he goes you know in his irish accent he said legally i are meant to chair. Or whoever england are facing in the tournament but he said this team a so remarkable these labs of so beloved these labs have done so much. Good such a force of good on. Lgbt key rights anti-racism child poverty and hunger mental illness. I e con no chair for the english team. And i think to a large degree being germany. Doing what they did. Change an entire nation sense of cells which is deeply deeply powerful. Remember frauds in one thousand nine hundred in the world cup before that they were little friends. Petty fls they show themselves as an inferior franz who were perpetual losers and they changed to year. They they got to the semi final of the work. Two years they won the euro's and that changed the entire national perception of themselves to a franz key. Gonyea franz the whitney and a t believe this team dave eggs so blessed beloved this team so talented. This team driven by redemption and making a nation that many rows make he a nation at one school in the inbound down hurricane in tournament drop him. We held scores goals. Harry maguire scandal fuelled rec. Twelve months loyally stood by fantastic and his tournament. Johnstone's hendaye pigpen and have evolved gareth southgate. They i mean. I wonder how he feels the pain of the missed penalty for ninety six. And now this. I think you'll feel terrible for the boys who missed. And i think this is an insane who will learn from this and i don't think they're going away. I don't think england going out going to disappear and back into the backwaters of international football. Which is where we were. For the seventy s and eighty s we briefly flick into life in the ninety s and then and then sort of went away again and had disappointment after disappointment with the golden generation the thousands. I think this will be back. I think they'll be very strong. I don't know about qatar. I don't even know if that's is going to happen. But i think is global tournaments. Go ahead i think england are going to be good too many good football's coming up too much depth and i think that's hope i didn't gara- southgate is the right man. I think he learns. I think he learns every single time. T- He goes through major tournament. And i think they'll learn from this the faa he. We'll be better next time. God willing god willing to say garra south. Danny bonnie rene whereby gareth southgate like that. He looks like a beloved only officer. You secretly writes war poems description of the man his leadership his nobility his emotional intelligence but enough for us lattice dive in david lettuce pivot to the of the makes the spotify green room the room that we just love being. Yep let's get to the portion the show we're gonna call you up onto the stage. Invite you to speak when you move to the stage. Please just remember to stay muted until we call on you roach. Who is up to talk in the chat about martin. Taking a ten minute lead over. Canada in the gold cup goal heard around the footballing world. Shoutouts or ryan club for that ba. Let's begin where we should begin on. This nice nights live from london. Miss the chris willis chriswell lists gorgeous. You that chris willis combined to us. I think will yagan mice too short. Too many for the beautiful chris willis last gary to another chris. The mighty chris of joyce. You're that chris joyce. Es guys thank you. i'm here where are you may. And what she question are coming from east massachusetts just as from outside of boston. God's country war is going on in your head what you're talking about us. You know honestly great. Great game got to watch it with my nine month year. Old says son desmond. When pictured made that save i jumped up. Got really excited. He kinda got sad was crying. Just 'cause it just the excitement with so much but in general. My question is With when sokha came on. I had this idea that is a moment too big for a youngster. And then when he had to take that penalty with the big moment coming up once again i had that idea was the moment just too big for him in do you. Do you guys agree that there could be a moment. Just too big her youngster. Because i know in the past we've talked about you know what they're too young to know. The moment is too big. But this time i just felt like the moment was too big for them. Screed question chris. Joyce david yeah. I mean sometimes use that too young to know any better. It looked like it did get too much for piquet soccer at the end. But that's because we saw him go up and miss. And i think other times you know. Donna room dives the different way and even with an particularly well taken penalty. It goes in and we think all the young man as bulls of steel and makes it. I think penalty shootouts. I know we're not allowed to say there are lottery. I know we're not allowed to say that random but too many things conspire to make those situations so strange so yes. I wish that we'd had more experienced players taking the but that's hindsight itself Who knows look. I think the big thing is is you gotta learn from it. And you've got gotta growth met and champions you know. We saw great one. Today novak djokovic won his twentieth grand slam a wimbledon this morning beating matteo bertini. You know his first grand slam final. I think it was when he was twenty years old and the key lost any learn from that and kept on moving. And i think that you know. These young players got to see a whole career in front of them. They'd got to put themselves in that situation again in a you. You question hints. Chris the yergin clinton story i always tell when he picked a ton of rule. Challenge for two thousand fourteen woke up. He kept shouting sometimes. You are too young to know to be afraid and that is true. Also sometimes you too young to know enough to handle a situation and the reality were penalties. I am sure i've watched. Teams clip teams practiced penalties primarily training grounds and might go to or inspiring awesome. But the reality we're penalty shootouts. What makes him so cruel and brutal as you cannot replicate the cycle uncle conditions and the wit seattle penalty shootout goes down so i would imagine saka was just like i shooting the lights at when they practiced penalties just like humiliating keeper after the key. Fire imagine with a dozen array of different tricks that he's himself over our spent trading on them on cages across across england and just really grinding away that skill but then you are faced with.

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