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Hazardous conditions. So we do ask people, you know if you don't have to be out early tomorrow morning again, you know, give give the temperatures time to rise when I treat materials were putting down work and check in at 511 Virginia to see our little conditions before heading out. She says. If you absolutely have to be on the roads, take it slow as if you need another reason to take it slow this morning. A dump truck overturned on Saturday morning, releasing a wave of concrete across a DC intersection. D. C. Fire says a HAZ mat crew was sent to clean up the spill at Pennsylvania and Minnesota Avenues. Fortunately, no one was injured during the crash. Loudon County is continuing to show its support for sheriff deputy Cameron Gentry, who was shot January. 2nd deputy Gentry checked out of rest in hospital center to salute from his community in county Sheriff Mike Chapman. Says hundreds turned out to offer well wishes to deputy first class Cameron Gentry on his road to recovery, so much community support and I think that really is a reflection on the way people feel about Deputy Gentry and another members of lower case sheriff's Office. Deputy Gentry was shot multiple times while taking a man into custody at the Wal Mart at Dulles Crossing Plaza. January 2nd. Who lost prevention officers were also shocked. Ah, go Fund me page for wounded Deputy Gentry has set a goal of $125,000, particularly on O w. T o P News is the covert 19 vaccine being given out evenly and fairly across northern Virginia. It can be hard to tell. Looking at various county dashboards can be confusing. For example, it appears that Fairfax County is being favored over neighboring Louden County. But Louden County health director Dr David Good friend. Says that's really not the case because some of the doses given to another Fairfax or also being distributed outside the county. He also acknowledges getting the shots is going more slowly than anyone wants. But they are trying. We're just going through them according to the governor's priorities. And his fair, a manner as possible about in county has given at least one dose to almost a million people. Kyle Cooper w T. O P News diaper needs have gone through the roof Since the cove in 19 pandemic started. There's a proposal that aims to give credit for donations to diaper banks. The tax credit would be for anyone who donates up to $1000 to a nonprofit in Maryland that mainly operates to give away diapers. And certain hygiene essentials free of charge. The need is greater now due to the pandemic, and it's coming from places where we don't traditionally see it levied a gardener with Maryland Diaper bank some products that would be covered under this bill. So our understanding for this tax credit it would include Ointments wipes diapers, feminine hygiene products, but also qualify. Maura w t o p dot com Liz Anderson w T O P. News It's 407. As the world faces the.

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