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He was in one episode of the Monkees, which is they've got a cow right sham. I what can I tell you? You've been working on your dancing, though. Yeah. Well, I've been in. It doesn't leave much time for your music. You should spend more time on it. Because the youth of America depends on you to show the way. Yeah. It's the craziest people. Frank Zappa on the monkeys. All right. Let's go to get to us quickly as I can't Kelly and Rosenello. Hi, pat. How are you? I'm good. Thanks, Kelli, longtime listener first-time caller, you know, and when I heard this morning, and I was just devastated that Peter Tork passed away. I just knew that you would be talking about him. But you know, my sister, and I saw the monkeys for the first time, I'm a gen xer. I was born in sixty seven graduated high school in eighteen eighty five and then in one thousand nine hundred eighty six week growth to Santa Clara to the Redwood amphitheater in. What was then known? Great America right them August thirtieth nineteen eighty six on their twentieth. Anniversary tour that day. We've just been fans ever since we just took our ten year old niece to see Mike and Mickey excuse me. Mickey and Peter on their fiftieth anniversary tour that they had just in two thousand seventeen in Reno. We have a brand new, you know. There's a whole generation new generation of monkeys fans, and we just need to keep keep it going. We're just so sad that he's gone. I'm envious that you got to see him a couple of years ago. And I remember that venue, by the way at Santa Clara, Great America back. Then I do remember that. But I'm sad to hear too because he was just he was a good guy. He was and he was very good to his fans. There were a couple of times very few times in the thirty plus years that we've got to see them that we got to have a picture with him. And I remember we were in Saratoga back in two thousand and eleven was the last tour Davy Jones was on before he passed away. And the autograph lines were going, and you could see he was fumbling with their cameras. All right. Right. Stuff here. And he says the next, you know, the next group that comes up here. And how does this picture, right? They get a hug, and it was my sister. And I took a picture with her, and he hugged her. He was just very sweet. And so nice. And you know, I called him. They always thought, you know, I'm I'm the dummy. Mickey I'm always the dummy. Now that you just played Frank Zappa that was from their movie head who's right? That's a great cult classic. That's right. That's right. Good knowledge. He was just he was just marvelous. And it's and it's just it's just sad that he's gone Kelly. I'm with you on that. And I'm really I want to thank for being a first time caller. And I certainly hope why hear from you again. That's a great call. Thank you. Yeah. The first my first ever show. I heard was your Halloween one where you're talking about all the different Halloween. That was great. On the air on my show Kelly. Hey, thank you so much for taking my Paul. Absolutely. My pleasure. Thank you. Bow in Stockton. Hello. Bo. Good evening. I hope you're feeling better. My friend trying to get there by. I was sitting here listening to this tonight. And I just I had to call you because of brought up an old memory. Back in the late nineties ninety eight ninety eight ninety seven someone that area. I had a limousine service in Las Vegas, and this was during Comdex, which is like one of the major conventions for the Las Vegas, and I had to pick up the monkey at the montage and take them to a private company party over at the Harley Davidson cafe in Las Vegas, and they will performing there. And I drove him over there. And we were chitchatting the entire way which wasn't that far. But when we got there, I just told them, you know, I'll be out here waiting for you guys when you get done. They said, oh, no, no, no. You come in with us. Yes. Let me just stand right there with and watch the whole performance. It was fantastic. As long as I live. Standing man that is that's so much better than just waiting out there in the whim. Oh, heck with that. Man. Right. Monkeys as personal guess, that's cool. Bo I made it was really cool. They gave me some t shirts to take home to the fans. Just you know, they had that emblem. I'll never forget the t shirts because they were black and they have the white guitar with the monkey right through the guitar. You know what a classic logo. Yeah. Yeah. And I remember bringing them home. My niece was sitting there. My knees. Looked at me. She goes who's the monkeys? Only one that didn't come with them that night was the tallest one. I can't remember his name. Michael nez myth. Yes. He wasn't with them. And what I ask why they said he really doesn't like doing live performances. Oh is that right? Wow. It's old. They wanted to reunite and one of the things was they just had very different ideas musically. You what they wanted to do? But mad both great story. Thanks for sharing that on my show. You're welcome. And again, I hope you're feeling better, my friend. Thank you, sir. Now. Listen and Stephen, Robin. I know you've been waiting awhile, but you all have facts regarding the monkeys of trying to get you as quickly as I can't believe me. But I want to let you have a little bit of time to tell your story. So if you can hang in there. I'll get the an Stephen Robin straight ahead.

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