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App today p digital news network. Some lucky visitors to the Berlin tear park zoo, get an overload of for cuteness with the debut of its new polar bear cub. The bear. Who has been named was born December first in the zoo says she's doing well Friday was the first time she was allowed to venture out of her indoor cage and enjoyed romping around with her mother Tanya and swimming in the closures chili pod Zeus has the co will now be allowed out daily for all to see the tear park has the same management as Berlin others zoo, which was the home to celebrity polar bear canoe twos. Fame landed him a Vanity Fair cover you died prematurely from illness in two thousand eleven at age four this new baby polar bear has a cuteness playfulness that could make her the German capital's next animals celebrity. Three. Norwegian lawmakers have nominated Swedish teen climate change activists, Greta Thunberg for the Nobel peace prize. Sixteen year old Thunberg has encouraged students to skip school to join protests demanding faster action on climate change a movement that has spread beyond Sweden to other European nations. Any national lawmaker can nominate somebody for the Nobel peace prize. The Norwegian Nobel committee hasn't publicly commented on nominations which four twenty nine thousand nine had to be submitted by February first. Test. Those unveiled the new electric mid-size as UV which may be its most important product yet. The automaker hopes the model y will win people over who are looking for an all electric alternative as it. Tries to expand into the mainstream and generate enough cash to repay massive debts. CEO Elon Musk says the model y has the functionality of an SUV, but will ride like a sports car. He says it'll be really tight on corners. And tesla expects it will be the safest mid size SUV in the world. The model wise starts at thirty nine thousand for the standard range version, which the company says can go to hundred thirty miles on a single charge. The long range models hurts is forty seven thousand and has a range of up to three hundred miles on a charge, which is less range than the model. Three. New Zealand massacre. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP newsmen if forty nine people are known dead more than thirty others remain hospitalized. After a gunman opened fire on worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand Christchurch hospital surgery chief, Dr Gary Greg Robinson, says the wounded included the young and the old days injured ranged in ages from the very young to quite elderly patients. Eleven of those shot are in critical condition. The suspect at twenty eight year old self proclaimed white supremacist from Australia livestream, the shooting on Facebook and other sites. You also posted a rambling seventy four page manifesto declaring attacks were to avenge attacks in Europe by Muslims. New Zealand Prime Minister Justin to Arden reader. Rick of racism division, extremism has no place not only in New Zealand, but I would sign a society as a whole New Zealand's police Commissioner says the investigators have found nothing to contradict that the shootings were carried. By the same person. AP digital news back in a moment. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song what the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey, hey, hey, and trombone goes Wah, and you say we'll be fine carbo jopstone to fit your budget..

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