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Oh he's not here About which means you're supposed to be a general manager engine. Not just the player now. Many years ago when our vitas bonus came into lake. People said oh you should have seen him when he was eighteen or nineteen. Bill walton with a three pointer. Bill walk with a three pointer. We're here we're saying it. This is a wonderful player of the times and yet even back into history at the same time i applaud it and one more thing when murray went down. Didn't we all say all boyer they trouble and they they saw. Why did they do it. Well because the mvp came through him. Pablo tori. since bob ryan gave us vocabulary lesson which i find important and i want to correct what he's vocabulary here for a second because he said that this was a talk. Oh commercial tony. It was not a taco commercial. It was a case or retail commercial. And the reason why. I think that's instructive here is that this is the superhero origin. Story of somebody. Who is bob. Said is an amalgam of so many different canoeing near went on inside the nba and said big. Ben is back but we all know big men like this. This is the reason why the big men of old are extinct now because this guy goes fifty four ninety intrude case reto fashioned point center by any definition someone who does multiple jobs in one delicious combination and is the future and he's also for many big men to reason why they're now in the past true case of reto. Fashion was said.

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