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Now back on. Yankee yard dot com. Okay. We were Pringle tasting their Dwayne Kuyper sentas opening day crinkles. I'm still getting into this care at one. I never had that we got three different choices here, buddy. Jo what was yours there. The one that you actually went crazy over that the sound Wisconsin, Wisconsin kringle, which is the cranberry cherry include cheese. Oh, yes. That that was me. Oh, I'm a mimic mimicry. Mine is cherries, cherry cranberry and cream cheese. Whole register, but I was getting close. So that's really good. Then I got one called the Easter kringle. Which is they said was a cream cheese carrot cake filling, but surprisingly had a multicolored sprinkle a rainbow colored frosting on it Murphy, put some people off. It's Easter it's mildly psychedelic, and if it was like backstage at a dead show. It's a kind of thing you would not try how about you know, what I'm saying. They used to go ahead. Mark, paulie? And I went in and we liked it and really liked that. And then we broke out the almond one or as they say up in a believe up in our buckle amens, and I don't like the almond Murph Carrick, and the Ammon was solid. The rest of the show is so great to have him. Maybe on your podcast. I've never had a kringle patrol one podcast. I'd love to have their Murphy MAC show is sponsored by odonnellfinancialgroup because planning is a process for loans insurance investments and retirement call Greg L at eight six six four nine six twenty three hundred. Okay. So we're in this weird mixed today. So I watched the very first ever UFC in one thousand nine hundred ninety and one of the guys came out carrying a huge crucifix. And Jim Brown was the. This is a story that actually is going somewhere carrying a prop. You mean? Like he was like carrying the burden of Christ. Or so. Oh my God. Unload. Oh my God soundbites. And then what ensued was in Jim Brown? The hall of fame running back was one of the color commentators on the very first UFC one Jim Brown, and he actually sent a line that my buddies nice day. Because as the guy walked in with the crucifix. Big giant crucifix like six. And he said, it's this water. Huge massive. He said Jim Brown, actually said my buddies, and I still quote this. He said, it's a strange mix of religion and violence that I don't truly understand. I. Gary Goodridge was the crucifix perseverance. My mind is not playing tricks on me. So what you're ninety nine hundred ninety two one of those eighty nine hundred ninety one. So let me say eighty nine hundred ninety one research is uptempo man and he walked in with a crucifix. Jim Brown said it's a strange mix of religion and violence that I don't totally understand nineteen ninety three ninety three. Okay. So we in San Francisco, so anyway, that's my point about today's show. No, yes. Show. We are in a strange mix of trying to get hyped playing Darren Shan's jingles deciding that for bocce we owe it to him to be upbeat. Bumgarner Posey the whole deal. I thought Al felt was great today to if you missed I felt hey, let's have some problems with the connection. But if you go listen to the podcast, you will deal with the bad connection because he he really dropped some interesting nuggets today. I thought just considering analytics and the era worry and bocce on his way out and stuff. So yeah, it's a mixed bag. And then the other side of us is that we've had Russo on just telling us the giants are going to be terrible. Oh my God. And so we're we're sort of like in that strange mix of optimism and pessimism Vegas Azima. Seventy-three take the under hopes anything buddy anything from from call spider anything from anything. Vol feel bad. He called spider cups at least five times. While you're eating from Chris Russo. Giants. They're worse than I thought. Oh my God. Gome Greg in San Mateo has checking in at eight thousand eight Camby are Greg morning. How are you? Morning. Hey, I gotta I gotta conspiracy. Theorist it'd be about why the giants shows we built this city. Okay. I think it's team to the warriors come into their backyard this year, no way strange to be a no one, Greg, Greg. This is our neighborhood our city, don't forget it, Greg. Thank you. Brilliant observation thanks for the call. Greg. He's right on the money. I want to give him a lot of credit for that theory. I never would have thought of that or connected those dots. But ultimately, the subtext Murph of we built this city. This is my underneath that there's an even stronger conviction..

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