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Next session is this going to be a big market mover do you think you know what i think we can start our continued howlett tori lee seen over the past several martin solid but our and got to get your poem whining barring unemployment rate which again glacken the economy oregon and cohen betting away game count improvement but ultimately the truck proprobably preying on wage and france's this is david here in hong kong i would imagine than if it's more of the same it wouldn't have really any big policy implication for the fed would it the more i look at cabinet of human who i relied gone third about the labour market anymore they become about inflationary than our fundamental moley after federal reserve the burger relationship a who crack and playing him and licorice and yet there's going to learn of the unemployment rate far you look at iran clinton model where you look at the wahdat williams model that type again we all hope even operate measures that include the year three unemployment rate why the number becoming so important market and why it down away away from health strong as the economy hit where it even safer and the fact that a up in that it become more important than ever yeah cleveland fed bank president loretta mestre are made that point this week saying that she really needs to revise her model lower in terms of finding a rate of unemployment that that is consistent with this idea that we're going to get some up tickin' inflation yeah is continuously had to lower its assessment of the longerrun on employment algorithmic twenty keenly headlong on unemployment i've quaintly fan all they've now revive that more frequently down to five point but percent and they're going to continue to her garrett kind of an unemployment rate it fitting at four point three four point four and i'll probably power and you do wage pressures and european quite pressure to really strong teknor wet or not or employment yeah we're gonna talk a little bit more about the fed and particularly the balance sheet issue which seems to be a big one for the market francis donald senior economist manulife asset management ltd we're going to continue our conversation after we get you caught up on market action kind of a mixed picture for stock index futures in the asiapacific bond yields lower this is bloomberg rebel are you looking to.

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