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Buckeye, Arizona. Sherry. Hi, thanks for hanging on. What can I do for you? I have an iphone ten that. I've had for about a year and we're on a trip left yesterday morning and Weller streaming music it froze up the screen froze up. And I couldn't get do anything. Tried to reset it by holding the two side by us and the little circles started spinning in the middle for our own now. So you'd be approaching Las Vegas, which has an apple stores. So we stop an apple store, and they showed me how to do a hard reset. So the volume button and the screen off button. Right. You hold those down. Yeah. Right. But the problem is that this morning now while we're traveling. I had to do that side. Oh, yeah. It's time to time to. Yes. So they didn't they didn't offer to fix that for you know, they we told them they were travelling so. Yeah. Yeah. So that there's something it's clearly something's wrong with it. The one thing you're going to want to do. And usually it's not too big a deal is to refresh the phone to bring it back to the factory state. Like it like when it just came from the fact that it's about the only thing you can do to be honest with you. Okay. Yeah. If you were at home, I would say before you do that back it up, and then refresh it, and then restored you can actually do that through tunes directly, you can erase it and restore it. What? My tat one time. But I was at home. So it wasn't a big issue. But since we're traveling or purse. Yeah. It's not an ideal thing if you I would wait. Well, Chris is not working. So it doesn't really matter. But nowadays, I back up to the I cloud instead of directly to computer for a long time. It's been my recommendation is Bruce back up and restore using a hard wire to a computer, but they've gotten pretty quick on the cloud restore. So if you've been backing up to cloud, and you're somewhere where you have fast wifi. I know you're probably not right now. But at some point. Then you could probably do that fairly quickly. But the key. Is you go in, you know, you go into settings you're going to need your eye, cloud password, you're going to settings and you're just erase it. You know, bring it back to factory specs that may or may not fix it. If there's something wrong with the hardware. It's not gonna fix it. Yeah. But it would be something that the apple store would ask you to do or they would do anyway that before they fix it. They're gonna say, well, maybe it's just the, you know, because it's a computer, and it's got a it's got storage in the operating system sits on the flash drive just like everything else does. And if it gets corrupted somehow, then that could be causing this. So, you know, you, you know, you just go to the general settings. And you could all the way down where it says reset. And you're going say a race all content and settings and that's going to sensually bring it back the way it was when you got it home. Okay. Yeah. I can do that. And I might be able to do that on the trip. Also because I do back at if you back up to cloud it'll be fairly straightforward just that on cellular. It's gonna either won't do it. Because it says, well, I'm not gonna kill your cell Bill, or it'll be very very slow. If we'll do it. What would be the chances? I do have a magnetic mount for my Bank, and my car, what would be the magnet. That's the good news is magnets don't harm smartphones. So it's, you know, it's look it's a computer, and they make lots of them and some percentage of them are going to have problems. Unfortunately, it's out of warranty. If you bought it right away when it first came out. Yeah. That's why I thought it might be. Else because I in a year, and that's not how they don't plan. It that way. Sometimes it feels like that that the day after the warranty whereas out things break, but I don't think apple especially I don't think they plan it that way. It should it should last several years at least it, but it could just let's hope it's just something went wrong. It can happen to any computer the operating system. One of the key files could be damaged, and that's why it's rebooting periodically or freezing periodically. And and when you race it and start over you're gonna start off it, truthfully. The best way to do that is with a computer at home because it will re download the software the firmware for you won't be able to do the car. But when you get home before you throw the phone out or throw it at an apple guy. Do the full restore using I tunes, and it will actually download replacement firmware which is known to be good. And that that's the best. All of these multiple heart that probably any issue. It's just no it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt it. Yeah. It could be an app that's bad. That's one of the reasons the reset might work because you don't don't reinstall all the apps, just install apps as you need them. Because maybe there's something. Yeah. I've been using an Amazon music waves and the music app. I use those all the time. Yeah. Shouldn't cause a problem? Yeah. I like those are weird. Actually, somebody saying that I forgot this iphone ten was delayed the announced it in September. But didn't come out till right about now. So you may just be under warranty. Well, I got it. I remember I bought it for myself for my birthday. So it was all about. Doc tober. Yeah. Just right. Like the day after you got it. Yeah. Can have him. When next time you're in Annapolis having check and see if it's on and warranty, and and really, honestly, they should swap it. They should if it's under warranty. They should just give you a new one no questions asked. Another apple person are you on a road trip? A real quick trips. Rare. I'm going to Seattle and back. Well, seattle. That'd be a good place to go. Yeah. Sure. They'll be they'll have an apple stir up there. That's a big city. I here. Yeah. I do actually on iphones. I usually buy apple care and apple care. Plus, we'll give you another year at least. And I just I just got the protection plan sprint, so. Well, sprint sprint them. Maybe they'll fix it for you. Yeah. For a two hundred dollars deductible. Oh, darn it. I think it's just. No, it could literally be something just went wrong in the thing. The vibrations dropping at any, you know, or just, you know, wore out this, computer. The computers aren't perfect in fact, really. It's kind of. Oh, well, there you go. It's kind of amazing to be honest. How reliable these are given that they are so complex. It's remarkable. Okay. Hey, sorry. Good luck. The phone was released on November third twenty seventeen. So you may have ordered it on your birthday, but you didn't get it. According to our chat room at the very earliest November third. So it's still under warranty for another week or two..

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