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Well i mean you know. You're guaranteed a turnover from daniel jones. He has won an all but one of his starts on the career so the washington football team they they did a nice job against him in in the first time and their defense will hopefully be healthy Coming off their bye week. So that's a good one The dolphins had a great win To a tongue by law did not do much so you get the cardinals coming off by his first road trip. That's when i look for and then as you said adam nick mullins does interceptions so the packers coming off a frustrating loss you know. I think that they'll be able to if they're with the lead and mullins is chasing points will get a radic. Look for honestly. I think the giants are interesting. They had a great guy. Answer would be the fourth one hour we gave you three but the giants for. Yeah the giants are the twelfth best. Dsp really depends on your scoring but this one league that i use just like i kind of standard old school league. Their twelfth per game and They crushed the football team. A few weeks ago. I had a pick six scored like seventeen points As davis or any other. Dsp oh houston like what about houston Gluten come that. I don't really want to trust them. They're not that good of a defense. Okay i noticed the titans get a lot of interceptions. And i noticed nick. Foles likes to throw some of those too so you you might do. You should be happy with your this week. I think Kickers who wants to take this one jamie does because i haven't looked you got fairbairn who had a double digit fantasy game against jaguars the first time around. So he gets jacksonville again. zane gonzalez has been good as part of a good offense gets the dolphins at home. And then anybody facing the jets score points so but nick focus the third option. Great thank you. santa fe. Twenty twenty-five giants twenty-three. Tom brady did finish with twenty. Three fantasy. points was a bit of a struggle through forty passes which is pretty typical for him Yeah interest- interesting game. I guess let's talk about four net ronald jones. Don't do anything wrong ever ronald jones. That's my advice to you. 'cause you're you're gonna get benched eddie fumble then. He basically barely played after that. Is there any doubt in your mind who you'd rather have rest of season is it is clearly fornet. It's for net. But i don't feel amazing having either one for net head. A lot of he had a couple of really nice runs. The well and there are a lot of runs. Looked like he was diving. To find the line of scrimmage it did not look good at all his role he needs to be better. I think he's the one you'd rather have rest of season in it's mistakes in consecutive weeks for arrojo so it's gonna be part time work for him moving forward. I'm sure this snap. Count was seventy three percent for fornet s. Ronald jones played seventeen snaps twenty four percent. I mean bruce. Arians does not like ronald jones. Whenever he screws up. It's just go. Sit down. So i think you just look at it as a for net should be the better of the two. What do you think about mike evans. Five catches fifty five yards and a touchdown he also got open for a deep ball. Bradberry knocked it away. Gray platelet bradberry denver. Yeah and he killed them. On that route to mike evans What do you think about close to one hundred percent. Well that's good antonio brown's coming back we know he's getting a ton of that's bad red zone target though which is good. That's good the problem for mike. Evans isn't so much antonio brown this week. It's chris godwin now. I was a little surprised in the report..

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