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Ahead of second place. Third place, Richard, William to scrapping point noisy at the moment with any. It's as they make their way down towards turn six. Once again, the one number one writer, Richard, I'm Williams, has some great writing head this weekend. Trying to make move into turn. Number rights coined make his stake out the coming time. They make way now on the back straits onto wards left. I'm right. The chicane the final few corners. Tricky transition managing it quite well. At the moment brought by on the law slide into place positions would expect have been made, but running very writers. Over the line. Seventy-six second-place one cell in these one out of the corner. Very close just point. You don't even they make inter turn straight once again. Charlie leading. Any Pinson Richard, I should talk three full still had a. James, putting James placing in on robots. And the material vita off guy with was needs to score. Some points for the term helps clinched on now full floss rights overseas for this category is only three malls have touch soul in amongst time pulling side-by-side three, the final corner venture Williams great run on writers hundred side. Maybe how to look into droids poll side-by-side wasn't quick enough and strike knowing any Pinson has got land covered. Rachel Williams needs to be very brave on the inside of corner, twenty first hit on On next. this particular point, seven seconds. Now trying head of any pension. Just won't even mentioned the BUSTER was Mitch Williams. Second joins in any giant scouts Broadway now breaking into the top ten further places, Tony will be made very quickly. Indeed Kiko Charlie h. your race leader on two point, eight seconds as the GOP ahead of. Charlie little run out here. To the top. I save Ryan to the top ten, the pick. Elliot, Pinson rich times, literally tense between them. Keep your eye out on second place by the battle for the remaining physicians. Charlie Nesbitt drifting into turn. Sex makes to an apex. Stuff. The head of tribes William second, third, four by. Every yard. Roberts is six place as Jones giving Gavrilov. Clery joins coming over here, giving Gareth Roberts a hard target guys over to championship leader seventh-place the moment. Toughen has got ahead of Tom. Documenta around him not long ago. All the details that Johnstone have brought by untouched. Change your second, Richard Hines, Williams on any pension on the laws coming into turn three going white. Again, Williams position, Position, Eli, Eli. recent specs just Rodney was quite close north place in a fairly to be involved in the the first time perspective, Richard Williams may be carried away too much speed going into pushed him on and lost all our hard work. Head pretended the halfway race. S. no need to worry about so trivial things, four point, seven seconds is. Nine point, seven, six, five, four. One say the fast is extremely consistently. The moment went over five seconds ahead of any opinion point, nine seconds. Joe wolf Lino. Williams. Paul now coming under fire from with Roberson cloudy joins us the bathroom for fourth fifth and say Charlie bit low, leading this race, stunned six seconds, massive recall five to go this rights, flooring, petard flaws, fun. Pinson wantonly. Now, third returns Williams. Full then inches. Zones as well. Dreicer. Intent by spun imperil the pleasure of having. About that in fourteenth likes, Harvey nineteen. Vice must've. His relatively damage collarbone. I think it's. But down the big names, extra hundred costs probably the biggest cloths this year for. And. Charleena's, but then still leading six point, five seconds Ernie getting bigger and bigger. They got a lot. This point, any opinions. Sleepiq robots, ankle. Both going through on the last lap on Mitchell Williams dropping stone. Now in place on the moment, mine are long gone. Still going to measure of curry joins for the time being any ninety, seven, Tom waiter and Broadway top ten. Had Brennan pain, the Prenton Pavel dressing him, and I'm willing fifteen with around three lobster now racy over the line. Again..

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