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Ten ten minutes was over it was a tough watch i mean you can't even watch a game like that was like was there anything worse than that seriously are you kidding me how pathetic was that game ninety nine seventy two it was over like it was over they were down there down thirty at one point i mean it was i mean it was embarrassing let me tell you something to dang zai i saw tonight that i found troubling one am did not show up to play basketball in the sweet sixteen that was the most embarrassing performance by basketball team in the ncaa tournament that i've ever seen in my life that was a team that did not show up to play basketball they did not do anything they didn't play defense once and nevada didn't score for eight minutes in the first half after they led by twelve they didn't score last eight minutes in the first half they still lose by only one but they gave up twenty layups in that game have you ever seen anything like the amount of layups and reverse layup set they just want right in on contested i don't know who's defense was worse nevada's or an ams are saying because they gave up ninety nine points nevada at least came back in the game but if you score one bucket one bucket you win the game right they couldn't score very minutes they scored once for eight minutes that's why they lost again they lost by one because they couldn't score one basket not even a free throw in eight minutes i mean you just can't win a game now have you ever seen anything like it a team that's going for eight minutes eight minutes without a single point it was so embarrassing i was like going what and this guy muscleman the nba i mean come on are you can't get anybody to put it in all he only played six guys so it's like you can't make it you can't.

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