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Know where I am at any given time. I don't know if you have kids famous it brings a whole other angle. And I had to learn about something called it's the family education race and privacy act. And so under that act, a school can disclose information about their student directory to any third party they want without consent and that includes name and address among a few other things. And so you have to some schools will proactively have parent Senate consent form for that others don't and so you have to go seek that out as well as there's something called coppa, which I forget what it stands for. But it's an act that basically limits the amount of personal information that can be collected from someone under 13. But once you're 14 or over, which is high schoolers, that information just can be collected and re shared and resold as well. And there's a ton of data leakage that occurs in the education system, which I wasn't thinking of. Our kids were super little when we moved and they're not tunnel. They're now, but we're starting to get into that. So I don't know if that's part of your experience. Yeah, I haven't had to deal with that, though. It comes up very often. And I have not found a lot of literature out there, like, for example, the Bible that I tell people to go get is the extreme privacy by Michael Brazil. And I don't think he covers anything related to children. He doesn't. He does pets. So there's something that I recommend that book too as well as his own book because if you go through both of those, you can kind of understand the defensive and offensive side of things. I'm sorry, again, I get interrupted. Let's say about pets. So Mike basil's stuff is all U.S. centric. And so I don't know. That's all right. So how this applies in Europe. But in some jurisdictions, when you have a pet, you have to register that pattern when you buy a pet, you have to register it just like you would

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