Middlesborough, Lillehammer, John Terry discussed on Caught Offside - Caught Offside: Please Don't Go: 5/22/17


You've heard of all them teary on me he's one of them you just said the one alan shearer now there's two more agile call now when rooney know which surprised me a little bit uh one of these has already been mentioned in this show today you're gone no just jotted mi alqa and the other one is robbie fowler robbie fowler him i would uh and how 'bout this stat for hurricane he outscored middlesborough this year twenty nine to 27 th the fifth time actually that a player has outscored an entire team on telling him on once you put higher you put hurricane in lillehammer and probably isn't scoring two goals if the whole uh what a season was for him and what a career was for john terry he says goodbye to chelsea which you make of all the pageantry we'll get to that well i'm there oh we'll get to that because i o for what have you line dope pillow maybe we'll get to it when you get to it okay we're on your we're on your clock now on this one yes a red card that you're going to gift to the guy and his final is it is fair he al yet yet is and wayne rooney another legend of possibly saying acidly sangha by the way that that the crowd reacted to him as he came off it it certainly it certainly left questions in your mind as to what disguise future is does he want to continue playing for them now he still has a huge game possibly uh coming up mid on renault definitely he's going to be the experienced man on the banks we saw projected team today that people thought was when well yeah but he's not start no pronounce b rash word so what are you if you're wayne rooney or your wayne rainey's agent what he would vising him to do.

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