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Number three if he's conserving fuel, and you never know what here at this end of the race track as he closes in on more traffic and continues to draw away from loyal Byron and second Here comes Brad Keselowski off Turn three. Staying on the race track flying by the start finish line. 13 laps now to go looking at the lap times. Brad Keselowski of 53.9 2nd lap. Where's Kevin Harvick? He's now up to 13. His lap time is right around 55 seconds, Keselowski putting down a heck of a lap this time, which tells me, Jeff, He's trying to get all he can get right now because he knows he's got to make a pit stop. Well, you've got to believe that that's the case. Brad Byron Kurt Busch, Hamlin. Kyle Larson. Let's follow. Brad Keselowski, I believe is back in front of Mike Bagley across the tunnel turned by himself and headed to Kyle Ricky continuing to pull away from William Barr William Byron continuing to pad that advantage over Kevin Harvick, who is not quite a half a lap behind the recurrent race leader, Brad Keselowski as he closes in on some more slower traffic, including Christopher Guest. Mr formal keeps his car begins The outside wall. Keselowski will go by Dave Moody. These types of races are just nail biters and fun for race fans. They're fun for us to broadcast. But if you're a crew chief, a driver, this is gut wrenching. It'll give your ulcer an ulcer by the time this is over, but I'll give Brad Keselowski and company credit. Mike Bagley's right. He's still driving hard. If he's going to die today. In this race, he's going to be carried off the field of battle on his shield..

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