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When we go about Carol the impeachment debate takes holiday sort of as Congress went on break until January six the house of representatives left town without handing over the historic articles of impeachment against president trump that leaves Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's promise of a speedy trial uncertain as he waits for word from house speaker Nancy Pelosi on the next step also uncertain the United States Mexico Canada trade act the speaker is sitting on that one as well hopefully she'll send that over at some point that's been one of president trump's signature issues the promise of a new trade deal to replace nafta the trade agreement with China netted results today is Beijing cut import tariffs on a wide range of goods including food and parts for manufacturing smartphones Bloomberg irv Chapman reports from Washington the move will reduce the cost of living for China's consumers Chad brown of the Peterson institute for international economics said in a Bloomberg interview China's battle lowering its tariffs on stuff coming in from the rest of the world partially to offset some of the additional costs to its own economy of tears it's imposing on the United States but they were continuing on with that trajectories another step in that direction frozen pork is a key item China has been importing record amounts of meat to remedy shortages in the run up to the holidays in Washington irv Chapman Bloomberg radio a Saudi court sentenced five people to death for the murder of government critics Kamal casualty but ruled that last year's assassination was not premeditated it also said it didn't have enough evidence to incriminate two top officials close to crown prince Mohammed bin Sulman global news twenty four hours a day on air and on quick take by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in.

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