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And he's on his deathbed that deathbed. He's pride may have more kids with his wife getting pregnant or something. Price scheduled it on the calendar 'cause her ovaries or whatever populating, they held hands. And now. All right. The dolphins are wrapping up another OT session, and we're going to kick things off by talking about one of the greatest dolphins. Players of all time. One of the most sensational. Dolphins players of all time. One player who is always in the news when it when it comes to this and guy, that's always stealing the headlines and the highlight reel. And that is not devante Parker. And yes, all that I said is true, but with the caveat when it's time for OTA's because we all know over the past four, five years. Devante Parker has been the absolute star of OTA's, if they had a ring of honor for OT as devante Parker would be in its if they had a walk of fame for OT as devante Parker would be in it, if they have hall of fame for OTA's. Devante Parker would be a first ballot hall of Famer the problem is though as we all know as don't count in the regular season. And every year all of us say. Say is this, the year for devante Parker is this year, he finally breaks free and then the regular season begins and he's either injured? He's not getting the ball, he's not doing things to right way. What gives out Sino? You've been a big fan of devante Parker through this ta. TA miniseries that we've had the past few weeks. What are your thoughts on the man, the myth, the legend, and devante Parker? Yeah. Just throw it out there. I'm once midday fantasy trade in a standard keeper league I traded the hundred Hopkins. Arguably the best receiver in the NFL for devante Parker and Joe mixing end. Yes. It's a standard league. So I mean Joe mixing for Hopkins might not be terrible. But devante Parker is never lived up to his hype. Like you said he's always been his guy than not as east showing up. He's looking like the number one wide receiver in the games. Come on. And, you know, he has a lingering hamstring injury or stub this toe, and he wants to watch SpongeBob. Whatever may be. But this year does seem different. I mean he went out there after son is new contract. A lot of people didn't think he was going to get that opportunity here Miami. A lot of people don't want him to get that opportunity here Miami. But again, this is a guy who has all the potential had all the potential in college to be a true. Number one wide receiver you're starting to see these flashes during t- otas again. Yes, he's in shorts, but I mean that back shoulder one handed you try to grab one hand. They did the tote tap. I mean that that's what you wanna see. On game day was toe-tapping. You have to admit he was out amounts. I don't know. Did you did you see the comments because someone actually took a still frame in? Yes. Someone took a still frame it look. A lot of people were. Oh, yeah. He was out. Someone took a still frame. It looked like both feet reggae. Okay. I'm not going to pretend to be referee. But I mean that's the kind of stuff you wanna see on game day the dolphins desperately need a number one wide receiver. So if now's the time from to come on, I think we'd all be happy, but we need to temper expectations because again, they're in shorts. It's only the second week of OT as in and we've seen this before from devante Parker. Now, devante Parker has struggled, obviously, over the past few years since coming into the league as a first round pick selected by MAG Tannenbaum when he took over his basically, general manager devante Parker since the year twenty fifteen when he came to the NFL has not had aid receiving yardage season of over seven hundred forty four yards. That was in twenty sixteen when he played in fifteen games twenty fifteen played in fourteen games. 2017 played thirteen games. Twenty eighth and played in eleven games. Now, when you look at that dough like he has a sigma for being injured. But really is that much different than any other player in the NFL? Right. I mean twenty fifteen is rookie or fourteen games..

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