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Seconds, he wins an offensive zone draw, but he doesn't win a cleaning necessarily. He kind of like wins the initial battle, he hits it back to his defenseman at the point. And then while that defenseman staking the shot, the center he took the draw against, you can tell is like, oh man, I'm head to head on cine Crosby. I got to get a body on this guy because I know he's going to try to make himself available for a tip. And instead of allowing him to do that, Crosby absorbs the contact, spins off of him, goes to the net. He gets a rebound chance. It doesn't go in with danville art makes great save. He kicks it to himself behind the net, and then in one motion hits it back out into the slot to record for like a great a scoring chance. From an angle that no one should have been able to pass that puck. I didn't think the puck could physically. It looks like it went under the net. It really does. Yeah. And so that was like, you see everything. You see like kind of like, it was clearly sort of like a set play in terms of like, this is what I want to try to do. I'm going to win this draw, get it back there, do this. And the rebound, the second effort, the third effort, the past, the instincts, everything, and it was just so beautiful. And I was like, I should repost it on Twitter just because it's like, I want everyone to see what it is because it's so it's very nerdy and niche and I wasn't even a goal, but it was like everything that's beautiful about sneak Crosby in 2022. When you sent me the clip, the first thing I noticed was the spin move. That was my favorite part of the whole thing. And just like that, I have a lot of fun watching he and Jake gensel do that because Jake and genzel, he's really good at Dimitri's putting a hand on someone. So Jake guentzel will intentionally make contact with you as sort of like a sensory thing to let you know he's there and then after he does that he'll move away and he'll back off or he'll sneak around you and you you know you've just felt him there. You know, you know as if you're not looking, you know, Crosby works from behind the goal line so much, right? And if you're a defenseman, that's where your eye is going to go, right? You're going to be watching him. So if you've got gensel behind you, you know, he's going to give you that nudge to let you know, is there, and then kind of push off and get open. And the two of them work off each other in just such a beautiful way. You can see that really got that coach's son instinct, right? Like where his dad has done so much. I think for him and his development and taught him how to find these pockets and these soft spots in the ice. The two of them do to do it so well. But the spin move was that was my favorite part. This is Sidney crystal we're talking about everyone knows he's out there, right? Everyone knows that they've actually set him up a lot demetri. I don't know if you've noticed this in the tape where he's not taking the draw now. So they'll move him to Jake guentzel's spot.

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