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At 15 and 45, powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. George Wallace, let's talk wizards. All right, good idea. Wizards back from the all star break back from their vacation. Now it's time to hit the ground running here this stretch run, wizards right now, tenth in the Eastern Conference right now at 28 and 30 as they write neck and neck with the raptors. They get the Knicks tonight who are currently in the 6th spot. They are four games ahead of Washington. Nixon won three straight wizards and won two in a row coming into tonight. Wizards also announced they've signed Jordan Goodwin to a multiyear contract using the open roster spot that came from waving will Barton earlier this week. When Snyder could be the next head coach Atlanta at the Atlanta of the Atlanta Hawks as a talks progressing according to ESPN and he is the only focus right now in that resolution could come within days, capital's off to tomorrow after a 6th straight lost yesterday to get the rangers tomorrow afternoon. New capital Craig Smith joined the team today. He might be available tomorrow. It comes over in the trade for Dmitry orlov and garnet Hathaway from the bruins, which happened yesterday college basketball, 7th or Maryland women wrap up the regular season tonight at number 16 Ohio State. Brenda frees his team ten and two on the road this season both losses coming to ranked opponents and they won ten of 12 with those two losses. They can still move into that second seed for the upcoming Big Ten tournament. Men's action tonight, the a ten matchup of the night Richmond battling VCU and did you hear the report today that from the athletic that Russell Wilson wanted Pete Carroll fired in Seattle. He was traded to Denver. And of course Russell Wilson denies it. He's not going to come out and say that he really wanted him fired. He said he was like a father figure to him and he wanted nothing but the best would be Carol and did not want him fired. So there you go. You're right. Thank you, George 5 47. Get ready to pop some popcorn at home or maybe grab some candies at the theater. Film critic, Jason fraley offers a roundup of this weekend's theatrical and streaming option. Cocaine bear combines the revenant with Tony Montana

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