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I 0 to 64,000. Kay. How news Time 4031 person was killed today in a single engine plane crash in Adams County. The plane went down near 168th Avenue and Gun Club Road. There's concern from the State Health Department about people letting their covert 19 guard down over Labor Day as we move into the holiday weekend, just a reminder that we really need. Colorado is to continue to wear masks at high levels. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says. You should also be vigilant about And washing and social distancing. Costco will be the anchor tenant of a new Denver project called the Flyway. The 32 Acre Development will be at the southeast corner of Green Valley Ranch just west of Penny Boulevard. The National Interagency Fire Center says the cost to fight several major wildfires in Colorado has reached about $77 million. So far. The cost includes aircraft equipment, fire crews and management expenses. The Pine Gulch fire has cost $28 million. It's the most expensive. That's the latest. I'm Susan Witkin, no impact traffic. This report is sponsored by ACE Helpful Place. How is in good shape this afternoon from the best Fred Sports Traffic Center crash free had been down the highways 25 getting heavier and that drive across downtown. There were traffic both directions. Sixth Avenue ramp to 25 back enough. I 70 starting to see a few more cars there to 25 across Aurora and store speeds along to 70 Highway 36. No problems. There's a crash off highway wrapping up in Inglewood, South bound Batavia, Dartmouth, all made their reopened. Dennis forecast clear skies breezy tonight Both 55 is going to be sunny tomorrow with a high of 85 low nineties on Friday, currently 87.

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