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Right a specification around that and then that becomes the defacto industry standard the open container initiative a good example of this docker did a thing it was based on containers super cool containers had been in lenox for years but docker really did a great job of making it accessible then people got worried that maybe the head too much control but it was still open source so why don't we try to figure out the what specification is and then make reference implementation that is cross compatible with docker and then compare that and then set up conformance tests and understand what we mean by a container run time what do we mean by a container image specification right all that out and this all happened without a single standards body being involved and so i think we're gonna see the standards bodies continue to exist and be used because they're super useful for especially highly wrigley regulated industries but i think they will be a second stop for open source reference implementation specification nations so i think that's going to be one of the biggest changes is that we do a lot more in open source around that i'd be still going slightly different talk i've definitely run into people corporations i should say possibly who when perched or or discussing the idea of open source at teams very foreign to them if you're a company and potentially you're looking at source or even just wondering why people would do this what do you feel like the motivations are allowed companies to to really start going down this trend and what are the benefits i guess really the end of the day there's there's a lot of economic benefit to a platform and if you open your platform you have more people able to contribute to it which they get you a network affect so almost anything that can be looked at as a plug able colonel for lack of a better term can benefit from being open sourced and grown and the ecosystem the addressable market of whatever your doing gets bicker because you have a community around it and you have people that are excited about of people advocating for that platform advocating for.

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