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Mine okay. What does it eight a frog news delicious? I don't know the second time we went to. It was also so grilled frog. I just had to try because it was unique but then I ate it and thought. Wow this is really actually very good. And I'm not just talking about frog legs. It's a whole grilled frock. I mean we went to the a few restaurants that were very traditional Cambodian restaurants and the one that we like to think it's in our blog. Post is marketing kitchen. Yeah and that was. That was really good. They have a special dish. That's fish dish with a broth. It's not really like it's kind of like a very spicy like basically. It's not like a Thai curry but it's a fish dish with broth and with rice and I mean it's it's very good. I would say that that's probably the only thing that really stands out in my mind as a best meal your kitchen right on the street. I mean there there. There will be other authentic restaurants. Nc. Depends how off the beaten path yet. But if you're going for one that's right there on pub street kitchen from what we were recommended and then you know after having gone is going to have authentic Cambodian food but it's not hard to get to that being said. There was a restaurant that we ate at that was in a bathtub. And I don't exactly remember what that was called but we went to a place that was like it was a restaurant had bathtub sitting outside the bath. I think it's a different blog post. We have a couple on Cambodia but that was the one that was eight years ago. So I'm really sorry I don't remember. It might not be there. Yeah that's true because even the Guest House that we stayed in both times now. I think it's still there but it has a different name so obviously things change a lot in. Siem Reap especially the smaller local places. I mean obviously the chain hotels always going to be the same but the local guest houses that are run by actual Cambodian people those I feel like. They just changed their name or they change. Ownership that yeah. I'm GonNa just give a few names out here. These are post but we just had it up here so I wanted to make sure we had Cambodian soup. Was the place on Pub Street right the frog and I did a lot of research about the best frog and then Viva Mexican plus the name of the Mexican Deaf Dollar Fifty Margaritas so again five years ago. Maybe they're still there. You got to go check it out for yourself if not. I'm sure they've been replaced by equally kitschy places on puppetry. All right. Last question for Siem Reap the most surprising thing. Well I don't know I'm trying to remember something that would be the most Cambodian people are very nice. I I think that in Thailand you just people are smiling lot more. So what I'm going to say is I don't know that Cambodian people necessarily are Smiley as tie people are but they were all very nice but the most surprising thing for me was the level of children trying to con you on the street. You remember how that was the big thing the first time we were there and it was really challenging for me because they do this little scam where like a young child will have a baby brother or sister might not even be actually their baby brother or sister but they're carrying them around asking for money for milk and so you think okay. You need to give this child money because this baby needs milk from the convenience store but they don't it's such a scam and ours remember like this child held my hand and walk with me down the street asking for money for milk and I almost gave it to them. Which was like no you candidates scam. Someone told me they're like milk. Scamming Kimbro off the are still doing that in Cambodia. That was really hard for me because I just wanted to give them all my money so I don't know I mean obviously there scams in other countries as well I guess maybe similar to this but it was just really prominent in Siem Reap So. That was kind of a surprising thing for me. I'm going to end with a weird one. Anchor was absolutely amazing and so even though we had I- expectations it exceeded those again. Geologists keep hammers. Get in the temple early because it's infinitely better than if you're in there were hordes of crowds but I would say the most surprising thing for me was how weird it felt to get a fish massage and so the fish massages when you stick your feet in a tub of goldfish and they eat the dead skin off your feet. I thought this won't be that weird like everyone's sitting there doing it. I could not keep my feet in there. It felt so odd. I thought you would just feel like a tiny little sensations and it was tickly. It was very quickly. It's like they were like you could feel the fish sucking on your feet. It was very very odd. We have a video of it. I thought okay. I'm going to do this for the video. You know. I'll put my feet in. There might feel weird for a second. I'll Keep Min. I could not keep my feet in that water. So that was the most surprising thing for me. Goofy but Yeah that and how good the frog was so you guys have it? That's that is our quarantine. Diaries on Sam Reef our best of obviously the big overarching theme. When it comes to see him reap is going to see anchor Watt and even though it keeps getting more recognition and even their keeps being more tourists. We highly recommend going and checking out. If you're in that part of the world it really is a can't miss place to go and Anchor Watt and definitely. If you're going look up Boondi you can find it on extra pack of peanuts Dot Com just search damn reap find are posted on his phone numbers on both of those emails on. They're having a good driver. Makes all the difference in the world and Boone is the best of the best so one of our favorite people in the world. Go corentin diary. Yeah I a little faster. I thought because I wasn't holding the car. I didn't even realize that was originally. Keep it to fifteen minutes so we still went over but if you guys are listening and you like the show we we did a mean reviews show a couple shows ago where we read the Muse. That people would post on itunes. We said we wanted to get to a thousand reviews on itunes. We had five hundred eleven at that time right now we have drum roll heff five hundred eighty one so seventy of awesome people and review the show. Thank you we. WanNa get two thousand so now we need four hundred and nineteen more of you. If you're listening to show to go leave review we love to get to a thousand people and don't forget the quarantine dyers. We'll be coming out on and the podcast on Monday Wednesday Friday and then our regularly scheduled podcast comes out on Tuesday as well. So thank you guys for listening. You're awesome stay safe. And we'll keep the quarantine dyers coming..

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