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You called with this question. I gotta say, Robin, you sound like you've made Martha's day. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Our pleasure. You call us again sometime, all right? Absolutely. Absolutely. You take care of yourself now, right? Be well. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye bye. Thanks, Robin. Bye bye. If there's another language that you speak where they use a specific number to mean an indeterminate amount, let us know 877-929-9673 are tell us about it in email words at wayward radio dot org or talk to us on Twitter at wray. Thanks to senior producer Stephanie Levine, editor Tim Felton, and production assistant Rachel Elizabeth weisler. You can send us messages, subscribe to the podcast and newsletter and catch up on hundreds of past episodes at wayward radio dot org. Our toll free line is always open in the U.S. and Canada, 877-929-9673, or email us, words at wayward radio dot ORG. Away with words is an independent production of wayward Inc a nonprofit supported by listeners and organizations who are changing the way the world talks about language. Many thanks to wayward board member and our friend Bruce rogo for his help and expertise. Thanks for listening. I'm grant Barrett. And I'm Martha Barnett. Until next time, goodbye. Bye bye.

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