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The other teams do that every time the mets get a new pitcher it's like you know they get shut down completely i think i it's rely so much on on on video and and and and you you don't have a big book on the kid yet how many were they really paying with met sending a scout around the guy pitz because they thought he might come up at some point i don't think so yeah i don't know with the sabermetrics system now did have numbers on everybody but i don't know i quit comparison now as far as harvey you know i i agree everything what you're saying this with harvey but i wanna i wanna see if this makes sense at all you know everyone's saying obviously because you know he was so defining going to the bullpen and you know he's had such a bad attitude and everything i think if he just you know said look you know obviously i'm getting over these injuries and everything and i gotta really try to tough it out see if i can figure out what's going on and if he had said that and still had trouble people would be a lot more forgiving so for example like what's going on with david i don't know what you think on that and thanks for the call everybody wants now's the is hurt everybody loves to see david wright combined we know he's not coming back but when you know when you have an injury whether it's elbow or whatever surgery and you got to come back you've got you you you're rooting for the guy and like you said all you have to say is you know it's it's taking me a little longer than i thought to to get my command from the surgery i'm healthy i don't know nothing hurts i'm just you know i'm i'm displeased with myself you know people can understand what that okay he's trying but the blow people off the wait a minute you don't have enough equity to be acting like that doc night days are long gone you know let's go to mike in east rockaway mike you're on the fan hey how are you.

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