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Democrats continue to lean on former President Obama who stopped at a campaign office in northern Virginia yesterday to thank Bala Nteeze. You're going out there. You're gonna make sure that people vote to start making things better. And when you do that. Spirit, America's gonna shine. All right. Democrats want check Mr. Trump's ambitions by capturing at least the house while Republicans are trying to preserve GOP congressional majorities for the duration of Mr. Trump's term. Voters said that the polls in the twenty eighteen midterm elections today. A string of east coast races could be early indicators on which party will win the battle for control of the US house all the fight for the US Senate runs through a state or rather a slate of tossup states that are in later time zones. Wall Street Journal reporter Joshua Jamerson has a guide to watching the results role in Josh paint. The broad picture. I kick the ball pitcher still is that the Democrats pretty keen to foot the house representatives while democrat as pepper time in the Senate. Think people on both sides agree that that's where we are. And that's pretty much where we were at the start of the cycle where we always meet Democrats. We're going to be holding way more seasonal pelicans than they would probably going to be harder speech, given that President Trump one pin of the state. Where Democrats running in this year? I almost feel like I could or should set. My watch to the way you broke this down in terms of what's happening in say six PM eastern till about seven thirty or nine PM eastern. How'd you do that? Well, it's just that. There's so many key races that should start to come in earlier in the night. There's a handful of races in the eastern time zone. I'm on the east coast. I should tell us where the night is going. So if you wanna follow along. Search across the country. The a lot of states are going to tell us how the nice you go pretty early states like Florida states like. Virginia. So that's really the best way to watch the results come in. Right. What about some of those other states? You have an eye on like. Michigan or Mississippi or throw in Missouri. New jersey. What I think is really interesting about around aircraft to see results come in and Minnesota now out there earlier in the cycle and people on both sides agree that therefore there and two of them are held by Democrats, but Trump won them in two thousand sixteen and the other two are held by Republicans by Hillary Clinton won them in two thousand sixteen in both parties, he knew agree that it's gonna crash can come out ahead of been three those districts three out of four that it's probably going to be a bad night for the Republicans speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Jamerson he's written a piece entitled key races in Tuesday's midterm elections. How about out west? Later in the evening. You'll start to see air Nevada results. Come in. Both of those are toxic braces and Republican seats right now, dean Heller, Nevada, most of all mobile Republicans running incentive cycle, and they're open seats. Jeff say flakes. In Arizona, and both those considered extremely close talked up racist. Busy day in California too. Right. Yeah. On california. There's a lot of house races that are tops up or leaning democratic favor. But some Democrats acknowledge that we're still waiting on from out there. Then maybe something went awry for them in places like Pennsylvania in Florida. If it's gonna come down to a handful of seats out there. What else you think we should include air anything else that that jumps out the five races? That Senate Democrats are running some of the toughest races Indiana with an intro Donald North Dakota within their Heidi Heitkamp, Missouri. Claire mccaskill and then those are really the three that I think are gonna come down to. The personal brands of those state Democrats acknowledged that it's a tough environment all three especially Heidi Heitkamp. But the thing that they say will help their candidates in those states would be their personal brand camp was elected in the state earlier mccaskill was official in the state before she became a Senator also so this'll be a test of those personal brands in such a national live in the vicinity environment. Okay. So so those states maybe two individualized to say aha the national trend is happening. Exactly that or it could be that. You know, it proves that the national environment will Trump whatever. Goodwill candidates may have had in this state. Prior makes Josh Wall Street Journal reporter Joshua Jamerson thirteen minutes now after the hour on this morning. America's First News coming up.

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