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This comes to us from pastor jim kroger in eljay georgia writes this past weekend especial privilege of conducting the marriage ceremony for my daughter allison and are now husband bandy fuller in the past played bandies music on the podcast this particular song title breathless one that he wrote from my daughter while they were dating as a longtime little be great here you mentioned their names and wish them well as they begin their lives together which we can do and we can also mention that marcus nolan is in the crowd today seven birthday so we're lovely names yes it is yes it is mike freeman of bleacher report joins us now i wanted to get freeman on just because of this what i think is potentially an earth shaking nfl rule change having to do i might have to close the door little bit having to do not so much with helmettohelmet but mike helmet to anything helmet to anything you're going to get a fifteen yard penalty if you leave lead with your head which all running backs do when they're about to be tackled you can be thrown out of the game i guess if it's considered truly agrees what how did this come about and what do you make of it tonio is going to be with you it's really one of the most significant changes in those made on the field in decades grin i don't think people fully understand the the impact is going to have on the game it's going to change in a lot of ways how the game is played how it looks the games are going to be longer there's going to be more delays the nfl says it's still sort of working out how the rules going to go but it's going to look something like college which is a awful putrid rule in college i mean it's terrible because guys get thrown out of the game over decisions that are made in milliseconds and that's gonna see in the nfl the rest are already have hard time they're like half the rest can't keep up the speed of the game now and so now you're going to have is rule where helmets helmet hit or helmet lowering your head or how.

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