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What i want to be he is the easiest rolled us i read so where he has the easiest role to win the super bowl that's unreligious history and that's like that's one quick uh the other one other quarterbacks shouldn't even be there everybody take every other do you accept those you've got you've got home city should have been there for schurbon there rudy user playing on house money rationale okay what's number three so they're ready there it is where you'll know what i mean like they already reached where did they should up number three how bad would it be to lose against the worst squatter fat in the nfl worst starter in of all right up it's just say i'm exaggerating or to lose okay so you when this was the move against the back up i you got your got you 3point argument i could just do it quickly becomes an issue with mike miller has to say first i got two time in va champion six man of the year rookie of the year mike miller in here mike miller who has the most pressure football knowledge and i was i will say this i'm actually siding with you on this one will i if you talk about life pressures of blake boral's the way everyone's talking about a he might be out of a job if he loses right the they'll be looking for replacement right that to me is the most pressure in the world that's your job your life is on the line you're adding blade boroughs has more lose so you won't into these moments basketball volleyball and you realize i've got potentially ten million dollars promotion starting job or back into the job pool you'll get another job we won't get same kind of money you you think about that that weighs on he i mean i i i mean obviously in in that and that filled rulers only thirty of those jobs yes i mean because if you the way he's been talked about i've actually lie i love the fact that these here because the way he's been talked about is is to me is he's shown who years and the fact that he went to pittsburgh and scores 45 points and.

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