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Soon be updating its plans for each of its neighborhoods and fficials are looking for your input, ten public workshops aimed at identifying specific issues for each area are being scheduled between June and August. Senior planner Rimon does says the I will be next Wednesday. That'll be in south the Tomas with June seventeenth meeting scheduled in our arcade. To understand what are the priorities, and values of the community and help identify them goals for what their vision is for the teacher of Sacramento. The community plan areas apart of the capital cities, blueprint for how, and where it will grow over the next twenty years known as Sacramento twenty forty it will include policies that guide all facets of the city, including transportation housing jobs recreation, and public safety through people were stabbed after a fight broke out behind an elk grove shopping centre, Thursday night, okra. Police say that incident happened behind the emerald park plaza about eight fifteen pm police say both victims were transported to a local hospital, their conditions still unknown outgrow, please the two suspects in the stabbing believed to be white males between the ages of sixteen to twenty one wearing a white t shirt the other last seen wearing blue jeans. No arrests have been made. If you have any information about the stabbing though, you are urged to contact the elk grove police department, it's four zero five. Let's get a check of our traffic troublespot from Dana Hess. Well, certainly number one, late, apparently northbound I five. South of Richard's boulevard. We have two vehicle accident working out there. CHP the scene not sure about injuries yet. But again, watch out northbound I five just south of Richard's. All right. Thank you Dana and aids. Four five. Now at KFB K, so we're going in depth here on our summer weather, which has suddenly moved into northern California, but it is bringing the usual variety of challenges, and even more case, Joe Michaels.

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