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And one thing. I think that's important to stay about. Cfa is that we are a charity but we are not here to walk into a community and to say to them. This is what we think you need within your in a way you live. It's more about them approaching us and we think that this would work and we will then hope you. It's not about giving you something we giving you a hand up not a hand out. I'll be going to listen to the community and and take what it is. They want to do and help them to implement it so when they arrived with this amazing idea we jumped at the opportunity and so we are currently working on green the community project whereby we once upon six hundred treats this year. The trees will go to in schools so we had to choose schools. Because what you don't realize it's lots of cows castle that run in these areas. That would eat the trees so we had to choose areas that have fences so that the cheese can be protected wasn't needed to choose areas that have access to water because cheese needs to be planted so basically what we are doing is culprits can adopt school and we will pertain trees into a certain school. So you adopt a school which actually is teen trees. And that's how we are going to move between the around the community to take on the browns space to greenspace and we really excited about this project that there's a lot more sort of behind the scenes other than just greening. The this is one of our very exciting projects. How long does it take to green communities these quick growing trees. And so we've chosen it will. It's not going to be quick but we starting with the trees we've chosen three trees pick boom which is called innocent food if indigenous tree based four south africa and provides a lot of oxygen. So it's really good at creating oxygen within have streets specifically for the schools so that Kitties have reached to eat. They can either eat it or they can use it as an exchange for something else you know you can trade controlled for its and then the third is a hardwoods and so these are fees provided shade. So i dare as well being in these schools. The kids have to sit underneath You know shade for the full them. So those are the three three so once. The trees are in place we will then stocked with food gardens and that is obviously much quicker. It's much it's much more rapid to see green. But we want you really start with visit. You know a ten year vision with the trees and then we will start with food gardens which will also be in the school and so they will then obviously able to grow their own veggies. Things would they grow. Yes sir. Three big staples made me and we actually. We have a partnership with someone who will help us. Basically the only need she need says by one meters that will create enough food per month for four people so it's really small really small areas that will allow them to to feed a family of four for a month and it's very very very cheap. Which is because it starts. Let's literally seedling. So it's it's an amazing amazing project that we not in that phase just to tell us about the funding that more so quite another. This is funded by. Adoptions Doctoring a tree will correct sir So i dare..

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