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Today is friday january eighth twenty twenty. One i'm recording tonight and santa bell florida. It's a quiet island. But it's justice roiled by this drama in dc is. I'm sure it is where you live if well it's been news all over the world not just here in the us but dramatic events that we've been following. It helps to be in a quiet place and with early in her sister and connected to various connections. That i have i have a new connection now. that's my guest gregg epstein. Who enjoyed talking with this week to bring you the interview for this episode. Greg is humanist chaplain at harvard and mit an unusual role that turns. I'd have quite a history in interesting to hear about it particularly because some of it started back when i was at harvard Fifty years ago We talked about work. Life balance tech addiction ethics and technology and how harvard and mit students approached the world differently. Perhaps you're also going to hear how greg and my stories kind of laughed drew a connection with my mother who passed away in twenty eighteen. Let's.

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