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3 19 left to go in the first quarter. We are nine nothing pending the extra point. Here in Nashville. All right, Falcons on the board. Young way. Cooley 53 Yard field goal. 73. The Saints lead Atlanta, it said to Erik Nelson in Minnesota, where it's been a big start for the Jacksonville Jaguars today, Eric You're rich. You know, the Jaguars come into this game, having lost 10 straight, but four of those losses by four points or less, and they have been very competitive in the last Your four games They played into Gates. They are the better team so far, 3 14 to go in the first, the Jaguars just sack quarterback Kirk Cousins from Minnesota. So the Vikings what the planet away for the second time in Jacksonville, leading in this game nine to nothing. The Jaguars In their last offensive possession, had a 10 place 66 yard drive that was capped off by a 22 yard field goal by Chase McLachlan. Now the big explosion play. On the possession for the Jags was Mike Glennon. They're going up top to Colin Johnson, who made an acrobatic grab for 34 year game deep into Minnesota territory. On the Jacksonville Jaguars opening possession. They marched all the way down the field, five play 75 yards. In two minutes 27 seconds. When in a 28 yard touchdown hook up to the rookie out of Colorado. L A viscous should know, Junior. All may have been kept. It also went past two Vikings should know caught it. In the end zone. And so the Jaguars hungry or a victory have a nine upping lied and one note. We should point out Eric Kendricks, the Pro Bowl linebacker from Minnesota out today with a calf injury, and you can tell so far the Jaguars are taking advantage. Because Kendricks really, I think Is the soul of that Vikings defense. He plays with so much heart, so much spirit. He's got three interceptions. Most of them have been key plays, you know, during the course of the season, so the Jaguars We're going to try to take advantage of another defense of loss or the Vikings to 56 to go in the first Jacksonville nine with the ball, Minnesota Nothing here in Minneapolis. All right. Thank you, Eric. So seven games going on right now, and some surprises as the Lions are also threatening as they trailed by a score of nine to nothing. They have a third and goal at the Bears. Three. Let's step out give you the full scoreboard update. And tell you what else is going on in the wonderful world of sports time for the latest CBS Sports Radio Update with.

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