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Have we run over golden state this year upon you might that i'm just saying the odds are you will not be favored against goal i just said the vegas odds are you're gonna wind up three innate if you play in straight finals so the point is that you could say look armenian was ten straight finals and michael jordan never played in more than three in a row right that's in large part because he had a force sabbatical that cost him two straight championships or he could have won eight straight in then jerry krause blew up the bulls way ahead of scheduled so michael jordan probably should have won ten straight championships not 103 finals he should 110 stretch weapon what difference does it do what difference does it make your jerry crowd loaded up if he's that guy heat over me for you he doesn't leave gotti and is rob forge aircraft bloviate up all you got to do just do what you do majorca you know you we oughta oughtta no no but he was loyal to a head coach who had been with him through all sheba chips so he said if he goes i go in and he's flyers word oh jerry krause ran fill out the door in favor of tim floyd that they used to joke about being pink floyd yeah then michael just stood right up it held a big press conferences said guess what i'm gone so in other words back in the late 90s michael jordan were throwing his weight around tantalite what lebrun is doing now but lebrun give route four is that what you're telling me i don't even know what you're taught you know what i'm talking about waiter on threaten he fit if he goes i go if who goes phil jackson you said michael jordan the end of okay lebron threat not even know what heathrow throw you fail he gets his way like lubrani his talents to south beach to joint forces when michael never took his talents anywhere he took his tally home onto a gift to the bear bear or birmingham barron okay now that was forced that when that came from.

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