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Minutes on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. And welcome back to coast to coast couple weeks. I'll be in Everett Washington at our live stage show, and then the end of the month in March, I will be at the alien mega con- in Scottsdale in Laughlin, Nevada Laughlin, Nevada full information at coast to coast AM dot com in our events section too. By the way, let's go to the phones. Tom in port Angeles, Washington. Welcome to the show. Hey, tom. Thanks for holding. Thank you for taking my call advertising. A long time been a while. You've been you've been out there listening. I trust. Oh, yes. Thank you, sir. What's on your mind? But yes, I do. Thank you. What's going on? The actor Stewart Granger and Verner Magnus Maximilien von Braun. Aka brown. Wernher von Braun. Pull up some images on both of those people both of those guys. And it's absolutely astounding. How much they look alike. And you have a show on d'appel bag congress every once in a while. Right. Talking about people who get freaked out by seeing other people, and they look like, you know. And. Part of the story is your read about Brown and Stewart Granger. And they were contemporaries, they must have known each other. You know, here's ranger was a pretty famous actor. You know? Sure was and von I'm circulated in. You know, some elements of higher science is there is there a picture where can you search for both of them in their pictures of both show up side-by-side? Yes. I did that. Okay. That'll be easier to look, but really it's uncanny. Yeah. It is. But at the same time kind of for me like try to reassuring because you're about Doppler, gang or sprite, and I I run into people that, you know, look a lot like not like this. Up and what made you what made you compare the two? Well. I was reading about Werner von Braun. That was looking at the TV on top of the. Refrigerator and the pilots now. And there was injured film on. Aw. A couple of my friends up there. And I said, geez. Look at these two. Werner von Braun, which is a whole lot like store a lot. And I spun the of the computer screen around and take a look, you know, and you know, they look back and forth back. Oh, jesus. That's weird. But that's something to look at and Doppler ganger do exist and go grab that next caller. I'm gonna go look at that. Thanks a lot, Tom. Let's go to Mary in snowflake. Arizona. Hello mary. Hi doors. Thanks for taking my call. Welcome and cost the university. They wonderful musical fairly recently. But anyway, in one thousand nine hundred eighty I went out to dinner with my best friend who was very strong Christian too. And whatever she drove. And we got home about eleven thirty at night. And about two minutes after she left my house, the Holy Spirit say clearly in her heart price, or Mary and right after I got home. It was a man who had broken in my house waiting for me with a gun. And anyway, it gets very weird. Did you know who he was no he's a total stranger? Okay. But he told me he'd been casing the house for a couple of weeks. He admitted geez. Yeah. But anyway, so, you know, right after she left this year, the Holy Spirit say that in her heart. He attacked. And that was my first OBI OBI he experience. And anyway, he was there chill six. Oh, five in the morning. And she called me at six eight and said what happened to you last night? And I said why did you say that she said because the Holy Spirit would not let me sleep all night. He made me stay up and pray for you all night. She says she sense. Anyway, I told her and everything, but it was just it was bizarre. Whatever happened. Did he get caught? Well, there's more to it and it goes on. But anyway, did you know him? You knew him. Didn't you know? I didn't know him at all you didn't know. He had taken my phone number gets off the phone before you like a home. And well, anyway, you know, like, I said I had this OBI out of my body was floating up against the ceiling. So thank God. I didn't really feel a lot with what was going on. But I know she hasn't been praying for me, it would have caught a lot worse. And I, you know, I ended up with I was just like I said floating up at the ceiling, and I was listening and watching it. I just couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth talking to this guy while he was attacking me, and whatever, and he ended up just sobbing weeping, and he called me after I ended up talking to her and I was freaked when he called me he called you back. How how soon did he call you back about twenty minutes of few minutes after I hung up with her. And of course, was free because I was still you know, whatever he kind of like left on his. Zone when he when he left he left, and but he called me back like Lega said about twenty minutes after I finished talking to her. And it just freaked me out totally that he called me. And he said, I just got home. And I want you to know my gun in the river, and I'm to start going to church, and he said, I apologize profusely. And I'm so sorry, and I will never do it again because the Holy Spirit just game. You know, just use my mouth. Did you believe him? Did you believe him when he told you these things I do? I absolutely do because he showed up at my house two weeks later and said it was his birthday. He showed up again. Yes, he did. And he brought me this book poems, and he wrote in the front of it, and Mary I got I gotta I gotta ask you this. Because why didn't you call the cops on the guy? Well because of what happened that night. I mean, I thought about it a lot. I did because I thought okay. Well, you know, I should get rape kits and all that kind of thing. But. Because of what happened, and it was so profound, and because of what my friend said, and you get George it was all a God thing so much, and like I said, he was weeping when he left my house, he was polish, and like, I said, you know, all through the night, the Holy Spirit was speaking to this guy and telling him, look, you know, there's worse things than going to jail, if you ever do this again, you know, it can it can go a lot worse than you think. Is he still alive? Do you know I have no idea because after he showed up at my house two weeks later, I ended up making dinner, George. He's Mary you kidding me. Well, it was a God thing. And I told him, you know, look, you can't come into my house again. And and and he's a promise I won't hurt you, and I have gone to church, and I prayed, and and I'm very very, I know it's nearly impossible for you to forgive me. But you you have to believe me, you know, what happened that night has changed my life. And you know, I am gonna start going to church all the time. And so I believe in I I gotta time here. I I'm not sure I would do that. But I wanted weird stories. I got one Tom. What do you have forced back there? That's one of the most unbelievable things I've ever heard he came by for dinner after he molested her. God bless her. Crazy gosh, Katie from Washington state. Did you go to the circus as a kid? And if so did you have a favorite act-, I've been to the circus. A couple times the Barnum and Bailey, Ringling Brothers circus. I used to like. The high trapeze people that was always fun. And that was neat. You know, the rest was just there. But you know, I kinda always liked the type tight rope walkers. Do that. I can't believe you said that because to this day when I go to Vegas, and I have time I like to go to circus circus and watch the trapeze people, they're very good. So talented. They're very good. Then somebody fall there once. Yeah. But they have a net. Devon that. Somehow. They do. Yeah. They do have you ever been in the? What is that round thing? The fair SRA wheel in in Vegas. They built a huge ferris wheel. I have not and will not go on. Why are you scared at all? It doesn't look fun. I don't like to do things that don't look fun ever been on a roller coaster. I have. Ever been at a Turkish bath. That's moving. Tom. Any in Alabama. Welcome to the show. Hi anne. Taking my call George. Thank you. There are extortions damn targeting millions of people, and I've been approached several times mastermind usual, extortion, scammers was a lot going on out there. What happened to you? I has these solutions for these how I got out of the disenfranchised. She's the first one was I was on the internet, and I got the red screen on my computer with no way to cross it out through the exit. It looks like it looks like a virus. Right. It looks horrible in in in it takes up the whole screen. You can't turn the computer off. And my solution to that wasn't said comedic, call Microsoft. It was a fake Microsoft, number exactly money. But the solution was I simply unplugged the computer around the wall or you can pop the battery out restarted in the thing. What's gone? You got it. That's the only way to get rid of it too. The second one was Google business listings. People. Call me on the phone. They never stop. That my Google business listing was going to be cancerous. I've got this little Daiki business. It's really just a small hobby. That means a lot to me. Bizarre studio, they were going to cancel that. If I give them some money, and they actually did I refuse to pay them anything, and they actually did cancel my Google business. Listen because they're hackers and extortionists I contacted Google. There's no tell me how to go on their website and fix it back and just took me about three minutes, and it was back in the you. You have a cell phone or smartphone? Not a smart sound. But it's just a cell phone. Do you get do you get what we call robo calls. You get these. I know what they never stop. It's unbelievable. You know what I mean? The phone rings. I pick up the other fun the land last start dialing that number in before before. I even answerless son on the cell phone up already got the recorded message. That says this is not a good mom. Yeah. You when you call back, you can't get them for some reason is not a good. It's a fake number. You're using something countless card you go to space card dot com..

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