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Into the cops terrified. Something is going on at the LACHMAN brothers trucking company I hear screaming. Get somebody here immediately. So cop show up the break into this warehouse and they find still warm corpse in the rumble seat of a Ford Coupe. It was the body of Sam Druckman. He'd been beaten with a sawed off pool. Cue weighted with lead and tied up in a manner well known to the Brooklyn mob and its victims victims. You tie their hands to their ankles behind them. And then cinch the rope around their neck and every move you make you strangle yourself. A New York Times reporter showed up at the scene. Not long after the cops. Did he later report. When I got there I slipped on the floor? I assumed it was motor oil and it turned out to be blood now. The cops they also hear some rustling awesome whispering and they find. Three men crouched behind a truck at the other end of the warehouse. Two of the men are apprehended ended almost immediately. They were Myers nephew. Harry Lachman and professional killer. Fred Hull the third one begins to run and he's a portly older man. Man goes out a side door. COP gives chase and fires a pistol shot over his head to stop the guy that's Meyer Luchman. And he has blood on him. In April.

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