President Biden, Senator Dick Durbin, Volodymyr Zelensky discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York Show


Beautiful. Before heading to the UK, President Biden signed a bill to help victims of childhood sex abuse. The eliminating limits to justice for child sex abuse victims act gets rid of a statute of limitations for survivors to file civil claims against their abusers. Victims had been only able to file federal claims until the age of 28 or until ten years had passed since the abuse occurred. The bill was introduced by senator dick Durbin, who said the bipartisan bill honors the basic notions of justice for survivors. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky says a mass burial site has now been found in a recently recaptured Ukrainian city, Aaron McLaughlin is there. There seems to be more graves than trees in this area, many of the graves are unmarked others have numbers. One top Ukrainian official says 440 graves were found in this city of isom. The price of groceries in the country is seen the biggest yearly increase since 1979. The agriculture department points to supply chain issues transportation and labor cost has contributed to the prices rising roughly 14% between August of last year and this year. The biggest increase is for eggs and margarine both up almost 40% over the past year. I'm Scott Carr. Officials are confirming the crash that killed Indiana but Republican congresswoman Jackie wolowski and three others was an accident. Authorities say the crash in August was caused by the Stafford driving her car who drove into an opposite lane while attempting to pass a truck. The car collided with another vehicle killing while arsky and her two staffers on board as well as the driver of the other car, police say excessive speed also played a role. The FAA is now looking into that emergency landing of a single engine airplane on Ventura beach, California Friday, investigators saying an in flight emergency force the pilot to land assess the skylark at the water's edge. Michelle Silva was there, she says the plane apparently lost power and became silent before it came to rest on a rock jetty. I saw a plane

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