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My wife and I have really tried our best to make sure that I can just be a kid during this time. When a school shutdown! How can he be at home in just be a kid? Be Happy. Enjoy his imagination play with his toys, and not be bombarded with what's going on in this world at the age of five years old, but I can tell you one of the most difficult conversations that I'm regretting, and then I'm not looking forward to is having with him. One day is how to deal with the police officers. They pull you aside, and not only that my wife and are also expecting a daughter. And so when you think about death, who are currently expecting children, particularly black fathers fears anxiety that they're currently experiencing imagining a world that would not embrace their children's blackness when they're born, so these are things that dares talking about prior to the birth of their church, but I can tell you from my son. In particular we are doing our best to lake, noted as good and evil in the world, but at the same time he could just be a kid and have fun. We do not want to overwhelm him with what's going on the world today, but I can tell you. He's says yeah. I. I've yeah, absolutely, congrats. Got, three of those. I have to say as a as a white father, two whites and I I know that I will never fully understand the level of anxiety that that you guys have had to deal with. Can you tell us a little bit about what that is like dealing with? This. This moment and kind of as we're seeing as you said Charles every day on the news. You just kinda get bombarded with it. How challenging is that as a dad? For me, I can tell you over the last couple of weeks I've slaughtered into a severe. Deeply depressive state I can tell you emotions that have been gone to my mind as I was struggling with it and I can tell you that I'm currently coming out of it..

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