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At 8 53. Chris Sullivan actually bought some Hamas at the store this week. I love Promise to give it to my wife died, not eating it, but I got it for holy much. No, no, but I got it because she's a home working, and so I thought you'd do something different for lunch, So I picked that up as a snickers. Yeah. So maybe I'll try it on for selling Thomas for Yeah, No, Come on. It's pop rocks or nothing. The drive right now work. We're getting better. We have kind of filled in. Are got rid of most of the slowing weed that it filled in on South Bound I five getting from the county line down through shoreline where we had this earlier crash kind of closer to north Seattle at 1/30 still have about a 35 minute trip from ever it into Seattle. Also 35 minutes from effort into Bellevue North out I five still sees the slowing from the north end of Boeing Field into downtown. We still have all of way closed from North Bound I five that off ramp has been closed for a while now. Looking at the rent of the Bellevue Drive about 35 minutes there is slowing through the Esseker is and then more over the top of I 90 and downtown Valley Freeway continues to see some slowing getting up into the Pacific area. At this point, I'm thinking it's just volume other than that we're doing okay. Got ready a real time Traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. Go to a Super Bowl drink is going to be no tell a hot chocolate. That's the recipe that we're we're cooking. Wow, that sounds awesome. Next on Cairo, Radio Jian Ursula's show Coming up next the mayor of Bonney Lake, joining the show following the release of a drive by shooting suspect have a great weekend. We'll see you Monday. Seattle's waterfront businesses and restaurants are reacting to Canada's decision to extend its travel band of February of 2022. Canada, says it's to keep New strains of Corona virus out of its country. But the move may kill this year's cruise season, cutting a half billion dollars in local revenue cruises are required to stop in Canada on their way to Alaska on Lee. The federal government can change that law. The port says it will push for changes to allow even for a small crew season high roll radio here.

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