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President doing that what do you think will happen because of that well yeah i actually we did not uh as far as you were both gets primarily just out of what was happening in afghanistan cracked so it listen to a bunch of look topic killed when i was okay but uh certainly uh you know i i do believe that uh the uh the capital of israel is such roussel but we have to tread very carefully in that process it certainly one of many other things that have to be discussed in a final settlement to bring the palestinians under israeli together and ultimately it's got to be uh boast folks who come to that kind of fun decision so so late past presidents have tried to carefully when it comes to that decision this is a threat to do it this is clearly a break from longstanding us policy and i'm just wondering uh why now what's the timing what's he understand that we don't understand what's going on there and how do we continue to work toward peace in an area that has not been able to have peace well it so i think that that's a great point i don't know i mean it's early again i believe that uh it drew slim is so low that should be the capital for uh israel but uh the timing is curious uh adam did is a very sensitive time of certainly what am i was in iraq and what was happening there although we have been able to really move isis uh out of positions so they do not have the territory they house with the areas still incredibly uh unstable with saudi arabia and militias we've got kurdish forces work real happy with some of the us policies right now uh so the the middle east it is never easy place to the navigate and this may make that much more united states senator gary peters we thank you always for joining us always a pleasure always good to be with both of you thank you so much.

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