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Looks like we are mostly cloudy and 66 degrees Kogo News Time is 7 51 It is time for news about your money with Sully and obviously some very interesting information this morning about people at risk of eviction or right now, are they at risk of eviction? Yeah, they are because all these eviction protections are set to expire across the country here in about, say, three days, so up to 30 million tenants in this country are now at risk of being thrown out of their homes. And that's according to a number of reports nearly 1/3 of American renters. Miss their July rent payments this month. That's according to a study by apartment list. That's an apartment listing guide, and even those who are protected by the cares act or going to see a moratorium on evictions expired this coming Monday. So the law only applied the properties with federally backed mortgages for 120 day window starting March 27th. There's still an extra cushion if you are facing eviction, because you have to have one month notice in what's called an unlawful detainer has filed. Whole process takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days. The first thing happens, though, guys is that you enter into a 30 day notice, period. So we're not going to start seeing evictions until early September, was talking to a unturned yesterday about it just to get some perspective on what they're doing across the country and across the county. In some cases, they're doing zoom hearings. And typically, tenants facing eviction have to respond to the court case. Otherwise, it goes into what's called default. So if you don't show up, the court can enter default because They don't know what else to do If you enter into a default, That's what's called a default judgment. And then the whole process starts and you could end up with a sheriff. Not going to adore telling you that you got to get out. You know, as cholera as it happens, you know any time that you owe a debt, it doesn't matter To whom you know you're late on the credit card. You're late with a car payment. Whatever you call them. Yes, that's that's no listen and talk to them. Communication is key. I think the number one thing and this is just human nature. None of us like to be ignored. And especially when there's a £400 gorilla like an unpaid rent or any other bill like you. Point outlet on it. Just a little bit of communication could go a long way. Look, there's going to be people that are gonna play. It's like, pay me or you're out. But For the most part, communication goes a long way, and even more importantly, it can stave off on eviction proceeding because you're probably going to get some rent relief coming out of this next stimulus package. On the flip side, landlords are also feeling the pain. They've got to pay their mortgages as well. There's about 5.45 million Americans that are not confident that they're gonna make their next month's mortgage payment, either. That's according to U. S census. So this is not just a one side story. Bottom line as long as the government is keeping the economy at arm's length, the full steam There's going to have to be significant rent and mortgage relief, either through the Heroes Act or whatever comes next After the cares, Axe expires quickly. Dow Jones Sounds like SNPL struggling today, everything's down about half a percent, 26 4 37 for the Dow SNP at 32 31. NASDAQ at 10,000 forthe bigger part in 4 10,076 gold and another record high today, up almost a full percentage point, so Keep an eye on that coming up in 8 20 The list of who is getting a business bailout is even stranger than it was a couple of weeks ago, And I told you talking about who's getting 5 to 10 who got 5 to 10 million box? It wasn't your Delhi or your florist or your barber doesn't run with the marred actions. Yes, it does. I wouldn't be surprised if Syriza exactly. Exactly even call Kanye West. One of his companies got like, five million bucks. Of course they did crazy, all right. All right. Thank you. Sully. I was just thinking about that at 7 55 time for extra 13 60. Fox Sports San Diego Acosta Starting off in baseball. Fernando Totti's Jr had a bases loaded triple on the five run fourth yesterday as the Padres improved to three and one of the young season 62 Over the D'backs. Cal Quantrill got the W for the Friars. They travel to San Francisco tonight with Zach Davies on the bump for San Diego against the Giants. Jeffs Marja first Pit set set for 6 45 catched on your home for the Padres in town, Fox Sports San Diego Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said he believes health protocols are working despite an outbreak of covert 19 amongst the Marlins. Miami had at least 11 players two coaches test positive over the past few days, forcing the postponement of both yesterday and tonight's home games against the Orioles. Manfred said he didn't put this in the nightmare category. NFL News Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to fans outlining the league's plans to play during the Corona virus pandemic. The league and the Players Union reached agreement on a plan last Friday after all Preseason games were cancelled. I might cost with extra 13 60..

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