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It's leafless is leaving you feeling helpless hopeless anxious or depressed. Call your doctor. Immediately postpartum depression is a very real risk. And you should not have nor a final note. You're not alone all over America, new mothers, pacing rocking wondering if this stage will ever end rest, no pun intended, assured it will. All right errant, just heard your narration of that article you selfish. Mom you. Christobal tonight. You after I think so works. I'm sure there listeners are happy. Not to just listen to me, always narrating like, oh, finally, a different voice. I like. That's not what our Twitter feed is telling everybody loves the Jair, all well, I gotta tell you. I appreciate that the voice literally and figuratively that you have given to moms that, you know, might feel selfish about taking care of themselves along with taking care of their kiddos. Yeah. So this idea of sleep is something that I have really wrestled winds as you know, I'm recovering insomniac. And it's funny, right. When I got this sleeping thing under under control for any serious amount of time. Of course, it got pregnant and that all got really messed up being pregnant, and then of course, having a newborn so it was really important to me to kind of tell the story of how important and why its own -portant. You know, sleep, especially when you've got screaming baby that needs all of your energy. And so yeah. So that's kind of you know, your first inclination where at least mine was when I had a newborn was that. You just have to be there twenty four seven, and like, you know, I mean, really 'cause you're facing this idea, especially if it's your first that like, you're just trying to keep them alive at a certain point because the way it feels like, and so a, you know, you really wanted to be I really wanted to be on call at all times. But I quickly learned as I went back into my earlier findings as was trying to sleep by might Ju-just when it was just me that I'm no help anybody if I'm exhausted wiped out energy depleted, especially for a little baby that needs so much energy. So I wanted to kind of break it down. And just say, you know, it's there are ways to get enough. Shut eye. You just have to be very conscious of it will in coming from someone who. Hasn't has a newborn, but also has a has a lot of work to do. I think it's a it's a good thing. It's a good source to get this information from because you know, a lot of people take the opportunity to stay at home with their kids. And that can be amazingly helpful you, you didn't have that as an option and have somehow found a way to make it work. Right. Yeah. And I've done that. No, no word of a lie. I've done that by making sleeper priority. The, you know, the the example of there's my kitchen was a master's, laundry everywhere. And you know, I don't like that situation. Normally, I be immediately cleaning everything up to have a presentable house. And it was I had to make the choice of very sternly with myself to let that stuff go and sleep, and I'm so happy that I did because it's just unbelievable. The difference that even thirty minutes of sleep you can have and not just not just for you for. For the kid. Yeah. You know what I mean? So so it's just so important. And of course, this also dovetails heavily with I didn't suffer from postpartum depression, a couple of my friends did and the lack of sleep exacerbates those symptoms. That's Jewish in to no end..

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