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Now a global news update. Nicole is fast approaching Florida's east coast after making landfall as a category one hurricane in The Bahamas. The national hurricane center said the storm touched down on grand Bahama island, maximum wins are estimated to be about 75 mph with dangerous storm surge. Russian forces are withdrawing from a key city in Ukraine, President Biden spoke about the development. First of all, I found it interesting and they waited till after the election to make that judgment. Which we knew for some time that they were going to be doing. And then 7 this is the fact that they have some real problem. Russia, the Russian military. According to Reuters, the defense minister ordered troops to withdraw from kirsan in the southern part of the country. Arizona election officials say tens of thousands of ballots have just been sent to tabulation one official said there was a record amount of early ballots dropped off yesterday and they were working on verifying those ballots last night. The official said once the verification process is complete those ballots will also be sent for tabulation. South Carolina's senior senator is commenting on the lack of a projected red wave in the midterm elections. Scott kimbler reports senator Lindsey Graham seems to be a little taken aback that Republicans gained ground but did not flood into power as some thought they may. Definitely not a Republican way. That's for darn sure. Graham speaking on NBC despite that, he's confident Republicans will win the majority in the Senate. Right now that's an open question as there are still key races to decide in states like Arizona, neighboring Georgia and Nevada, the best chance appears to be for the Republicans taking the lead in house races. The life story of Snoop Dogg is coming to life at Universal Pictures, snoop will serve as a co producer to his biopic. The rapper says he's waited a long time to put this project together because he wanted to choose the right director perfect writer and greatest movie company he could partner with. I'm Brian shook. A new survey shows a large percent of young Americans are struggling with mental health issues. Michael kassner reports the survey by harmony healthcare IT found 42% of Generation Z adults started dealing with mental health conditions soon after the pandemic started in 2020. It found many were diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and other disorders during the lockdowns, survey also found 85% of Gen Z adults say they are worried about the future because of their personal finances, the environment and polarized politics and nearly 90% believe their generation is not set up for success. I'm Michael kassner. Actor Warren Beatty is being sued for allegedly coercing sex with a minor in 1973, a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles alleges Beatty, coerced Christina Charlotte hirsch into having sex with him when she was 14 years old. The lawsuit doesn't cite Beatty by name, but identifies the defendant as a nominee for the Academy Award for his role as Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde, which is a clear

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