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Welcome back everyone a lot of somebody's going to get warm today close to seventy we're joined now as always at this time on a Monday the big W. himself Warner wolf Warner good morning we finally got some TV sports a little bit yesterday to watch anyway yeah I didn't watch any of it books click to hear what happened in the south Korean soccer game you know that that I having fans there so they the the soccer to local soccer team ordered these blow up fans and that they had a little luck well at the end that the companies are shipped them sex dolls by mistake and they they actually put it in the stands of their dad had to apologize and said it was a little distribution error so no social distancing I guess whatever so I was so wasn't let's float your boat today big W. well above the boe's those of the week if it's true not really let me it's two thousand nineteen number one pick defensive back D. Andre Baker and this marks the phones back when Dunbar who two days after losing seventy thousand dollars at a gambling party rob some of those same people two days later seventy thousand worth the watch is in cash at another party charged with four counts of armed robbery I'm I'm thinking like the victims wouldn't know who they were but they might as well have been wearing a giant and see all Kellman well above where they might have had a coronavirus mask on this will play come I couldn't you know he could lose ten million dollars Dunbar six million their NFL careers over and by the way a great job on the giants scouting system wasting a number one pick no wonder you know the other side of this is their lawyers are making the claim that the the case might be falling apart a little bit and then they're citing the fact that bond was given to these guys that maybe is an indication that the cases isn't all that solid you know we'll see I mean we can't jump to total conclusions here obviously in approving guilty but that if it's true they are the bozos the week on questionable man and wait a minute stop the music among baseball's new proposed restrictions yeah there's a see if there's a season no spending you can't have baseball spitting spitting and baseball also banned would be the chewing of sunflower seeds the space that does that yeah all other one manager in baseball who has not been seen on television chewing or spinning out sunflower seeds wait does forgive me if I'm wrong but once upon a time wasn't chewing tobacco that everybody spit out at the end on baseball yes and they they expanded in the minor leagues and I I've five figure sooner or later the band at the ill be gone major yeah I would think you know you really I I just I for the life for me it's just even even the NASCAR yesterday yes the engines made a lot of noise you know they come around the turn and you see the empty stands as just just missing so I just can't imagine a baseball game you know the pop foul foul territory into the stands there's no one there I just can't see that happening well for TV yeah I'm sure they you know they'll make arrangements there and they they won't show a wide shot only you'll see many wide shots the bleachers no I don't think they will and also the fan at home I'm sure they'll have to use canned applause talking about whether it's the the only one who committed it out right was the hockey commissioner Bettman said they would type in some crowd noise I know if you remember when we were doing sports back in the day the New Jersey nets would do that the battle lads and it was hilarious because they were busted once because they took they took a shot of of some fans eating popcorn another one just bored as hell and here this crowd going wild it was still looking about Blake Snell the two thousand eighteen cy young winner he says if baseball coach my salary in half I'm not going to play because of the corona virus the baby all my salary all playing the risk of catching the virus is the same well this guy makes careful all right the argument they're making a you know Scott Boras the the big player agent the organ is making is that why should we have to cut salaries if there's a problem here because when the owners make a lot more money than they expect to make they don't give us bonuses so that's that's his argument there well gosh not a strong arguments nearby that now the you know who says Tom Brady is not a good businessman you know besides his new twenty five million dollar plus incentive deal with the box also he gets a percentage of this is tee shirts and jerseys at that hour and that the stadium for example you can buy a Buccaneers black and red tee shirt that will read the big Tom borough for example who thought that one up real what is the number one the Brady box the Brady bunch yes that's lame that is labeling su a question for you water a question for you about Brady I mean is he still going to be a superstar isn't Brady you know that linking up with New England the patriots that's what made him famous there was the you know in showbiz we say there's a chemistry with the cast was there not a chemistry there with that team and could that chemistry not be there with Tampa and could you just fall flat on his face I don't think it fall flat on his face but they do have good players down there and the fact that he got going to college you to come back I don't think of you know you'll be forty three I don't think I'll suddenly pulled all he's terrible it's interesting they've blade odds on the MVPs the Las Vegas odds to win the MVP yeah besides Patrick Mahomes for one favorite and Lamar Jackson runner up bright Brady is only sixteen to one now do you know this guy was always favorite and the other side of the patriots new guy Jarrett Stidham taking Brady's place he's seventy five to one that he would win the and that's and I was told it would be five hundred to one so you're right a Warner got a run I I know you said get a feel good story once you hold it for next week we could use some feel good stories are I. pal okay got it Warner wolf reporting from the west coast of Florida thanks water talk to next week now thank you coming up next some sage advice well speaking of sports about touching other people's balls on us we really do and then when I'm making this up this is the official government policy and it's coming up next you're free I heart radio app along with some of the most influential voices the world are making sure the graduating class of twenty twenty we'll get the.

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