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Two. and then let's see Paris Hilton. So the story kind broke Friday and she talked about being abused at her boarding. School in Utah when she was seventeen, she said they would hit them. They would strangle them in this school was in Provo. So she's thirty nine I did the math that means that was on the air here when she was there probably. Late nineties because she was like twenty th I've been here almost twenty three years you that would have put her at Sixteen Yeah Provo Canyon School and like a boarding school and she said from the moment we woke up till when we went to bed was screaming and our face all day long yelling toxic, and so she's got a new youtube channel that's going to. Premiere on September fourteenth and she said it was definitely abusive at this boarding school mental emotional physical She said I'm proud of the strong woman I've become people assume everything in my life came easy but I wanted to show the world who had truly am and it's crazy that she's thirty nine because she's still my mind is just like a twenty one year old he. Walks and everything and you nailed it with the way. She talks I've got a little clip from that doc where you're talking about are the series. That's would you say September fourteenth so but I, it's hard for me when she talks to get past that the way she speaks. Lazy. All. So it's like you're listening, but you're trying to listen to what she's saying, but it's hard to get around how she says even over am because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over. The past thirty years the eye center has helped tens of thousands of people realized the freedom. Lacy provides now is the time for Lazic with twenty percent off for a limited time with one of northern. Virginia's leading searches plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off. When you schedule within thirty days register for your savings schedule your free consultation. Now at the ice enter dot com, some restrictions.

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