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Reads knocked down by Bobby Wagner but that should be enough for a force down almost in twenty and they pick up twenty to John Ross the former Washington Huskies great pick up by you add up they ended up rushing three they drop out one of the defense of climate so he gives them a little low zone let's read it don't just as great job being patient get the ball down the field. six two two twenty still a strong body quarterback could stand it out of pocket. he's gonna tool makes it a shot gun on his left hip re receivers spread right single white left throws down a temporal thirty eight build timestamp nicknames the blitz classic rock will quickly over the middle Alex Berenson running right to left across the forty at the forty four K. J. right catches up to the backside and writs of down but it's a gain of six. nine minutes to play opening quarter ever yeah don't with just a quick release you know you said he has a nice building he is affected in for Bob cease to twenty to twenty five and I just like when he gets the ball in his hands quick he see it well with right now he's got the weapons on the outside. I'm gonna put set up two receivers to the right single wide left the motion was suppose the formation as he heads up the mix in front of Berlin hand gets maybe back to the line of scrimmage really got pushed back quite cagey right and it'll be third down and five coming up. during that penalty that was the first official running for Cincinnati but they only kept it on the ground a couple of times and they have great motion that time remember Ross if with that fly sweet motion they'll come back to that just as a wrinkle answered the sack Taylor offense it's active in first year head coach just thirty six years of age is pulling the plates another shot good instilled with Nixon on his right rear receivers let's take the line to the right okay down and five in the room forty three no score seven minutes in just nice nap let's see who extolled rifles left an overgrown will over the head of toddler boys with Trey flowers in coverage at midfield bill before down to Debbie on cloudy leading that charge.

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